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Race Arena – Fall Car Battle Review

January 7, 2023
Race Arena – Fall Car Battle Review

Fall Car Battle is a fun and easy to play racing game. However, there are a few problems that you will run into. One of them is the ads. Another is that the app isn’t very interactive. The third is that the gameplay is very aesthetic. So, if you don’t like the ad-free experience, then you might want to pass on the game.

Ads are a problem

If you are a Race Arena – Fall Car Battle player, you may have noticed that the game is a bit lacking in the features department. One of the most obvious problems is the inability to remove ads from your device. There are a lot of fake advertisements out there, and it is impossible to know which ones are legit. You should always check with your third-party login provider to be sure. Also, make sure you are using the best possible password for the highest security measures.

Ads in this game are a problem, but there are some tricks to keep them from ruining your day. Thankfully, there are some third-party services out there, like Justuseapp, which will help you out. Before relying on these apps, you may want to check out the following suggestions.

Gameplay is purely aesthetic

While Race Arena – Fall Car Battle is an impressive title in its own right, the game is also a bit of a disappointment. It features a simple gameplay experience that’s akin to a quick-fire arcade game. Players must navigate their car through three opponents, but there’s no real emphasis on power-ups or other gimmicks that would help you win. For a mobile game, this is pretty disappointing.

The game also boasts the best-looking arena track I’ve seen in a while, but it’s still not enough to save it from being overshadowed by the other games in its price range. In addition, the game’s advertising is a bit much to bear. During the course of my play, I listened to more ads than I did to the games actual gameplay.


If you are looking for a free sports game to download on your iOS device, then you may want to look into Race Arena – Fall Car Battle. The game allows players to race against three opponents on a track. As the cars race across the arena, they must avoid traps, other vehicles, and other obstacles. To win, players must survive the longest time. However, the game does not provide any standout features.

There aren’t any power ups to use, and the arena track is very short. Matches last less than three minutes. Plus, you have to watch ads every time you try to play the game. Compared to YouTube videos, you’ll be watching more ads than playing the game.

When you start to notice problems with the game, you can report them using the Justuseapp app. You will then be directed to the company that developed the app, and they will listen to your complaint.

Related apps

Race Arena – Fall Car Battle is a racing game developed by DEVGEIM. The app focuses on speed car drift racing arena. It features three competitors who have to navigate through the race tracks. To win the game, players will have to make the best turns and avoid the opponents. However, it’s also important to make sure that they don’t slide too far.

To earn coins, players can purchase new cars. Each car leaves colorful bricks behind in its wake. They can also knock opponents out of the race track. If they can’t collect all the stars, the game will end. In addition, players can earn coins by watching short advertisements after each round.

Players can compete in tournaments and have a chance to win prizes. There’s a practice mode that lets players explore the different tracks without time limits. Another feature is that there are many upgrades that can be purchased to improve gameplay.

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