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Racing Champion Pro – Competitive Racing on Your Mobile Device

February 14, 2023
Racing Champion Pro – Competitive Racing on Your Mobile Device

Race against friends, rivals or other players in this new state-of-the-art mobile game inspired by the renowned Race of Champions. The game was developed by Hungarian studio Invictus and features tarmac and off-road tracks and cars from various editions of the famous event.

A thrilling career mode will challenge you to balance team management, R&D, tuning and vehicle customization across multiple seasons. Alternatively, asynchronous online multiplayer leaderboards will fuel your competitive instincts and challenge you to battle against your friends in split-screen races!

Real-World Tracks

Compared to the many racing games available for the mobile device, Racing Champion Pro stands out as the top of the pack. It has everything you need to slingshot around some of the fastest cars on the planet, from the high-speed NHRA tracks at Bristol and The Strip in Las Vegas to the zMax dragways in Charlotte and Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park.

The game has a plethora of features from a large roster of cars and tracks to an impressive amount of technology including the world’s most realistic simulation of the physics of drag racing. It also has the most impressive graphics in a mobile gaming application and a nifty set of online and offline multiplayer modes that make it a worthy successor to the XBox 360’s Gran Turismo. The only stumbling block is the clunky name and password system that’s in place to access these features. However, it’s still an impressive mobile gambit that’s worth the effort and a must-have for any serious sim racing fan.

Thrilling Career Mode

Career mode is one of the most thrilling parts of Racing Champion Pro, especially if you’re familiar with racing sims. You can race for a variety of teams, including the top names in motorsport.

For example, Mercedes and Red Bull are represented in the game, so you can jump right into a competitive season of racing. You can also change the difficulty of your races and team throughout the season, which makes it much easier to improve your skills and win races.

You can also participate in practice sessions, which provide valuable resource points to your team. These can be used to purchase a variety of upgrades that increase your car’s performance.

As you progress through your career, you can unlock new tracks and cars to race. You can even create your own series of races, or compete against a friend in Clubs.

Asynchronous Online Multiplayer Leaderboards

The asynchronous online multiplayer leaderboards in Racing Champion Pro fuel your competitive instinct by challenging players from around the world to beat your best time. Whether you’re competing in a local split-screen multiplayer game or taking on other players on the global leaderboards, this feature is one of the most authentic ways to experience the thrill of competitive NHRA drag racing.

Asynchronous gameplay is a popular choice among gamers for many reasons. In addition to offering a competitive format that is often faster than synchronous play, it also allows for more frequent play, which boosts player engagement and retention. Especially for games with low DAU, asynchronous play is an excellent way to encourage users to keep playing for longer periods of time and build social immediacy with other players. The asynchronous format is especially well-suited for mobile, where most players are casual by nature and prefer short matches. Asynchronous and synchronous gameplay can be combined to offer a robust tournament system that drives strong player adoption and engagement.

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