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Ski Safari 2 Review

February 3, 2023

Ski Safari 2 is an endless-running/action arcade game that combines all the elements of traditional mobile gaming in one neat package. This surprisingly addictive title from Sleepy Z Studio (and Defiant Development) offers plenty of challenges, lots to unlock and a lot of bright and silly fun.

You play as Sven or his sister Evana and control a tiny avatar attempting to avoid avalanches. There are a variety of animals you can hitch rides on that boost speed and help dodge obstacles along the way.

Endless Skiing

Ski Safari 2 is a fun and addictive endless-running game that will keep you on your toes for hours. The premise of the game is simple: a catastrophic avalanche forces you to slide down a mountainside using a snowboard or skis.

The game features easy controls for controlling your character, and the combination of taps and swipes lets you perform a wide range of tricks while plummeting down a mountainside. You can also collect coins that can be used to buy new costumes, equipment, vehicles and power-ups from the game’s shop.

You can unlock new locations by completing challenges. Each location has its own natural disasters that you have to avoid, including a violent avalanche in Penguin Peaks, a tidal wave of lava in Jurassic Lark and a tornado in Twister Canyon.

You can also collect coins for a variety of reasons, including buying a new snowboard or ski, outfits for your gaming characters and boosters to help Sven or Evana survive the natural disasters. In addition, you can unlock a full-fledged local multiplayer mode where up to four players can compete against each other in two different modes.

Avalanche Avoidance

Ski Safari 2 is a very exciting arcade game which is sure to keep you glued to your screen. The gameplay is quite simple, and you have to simply slide down the mountains while avoiding obstacles. You also have to collect coins on the way, and you can perform many different tricks in the process.

To do this you can tap on the screen to jump, and press a longer button to spin in the air. You can also swipe on animals and vehicles to speed up their movement.

Avalanches can be deadly, so it’s important to take the time to learn about avalanche safety before heading out into the backcountry. This can be done through specific avalanche training courses or through skiing with an avalanche certified guide. It’s also important to choose the right terrain. It’s best to avoid slopes that are broken up by steep inclines or flat sections, and areas of dense timber.


Ski Safari 2 is a neat little mountain-sliding game. It’s a lot of fun, and offers players neat little challenges to accomplish all throughout the gameplay experience.

The goal of Ski Safari 2 is to slide down a mountain, collecting coins and doing all sorts of cool tricks. Tapping on the screen will help you jump; a longer press will make you spin and backflip in the air, and you can also tap repeatedly to get up from a fall.

There are a variety of animals to hitch rides on that act as extra lives and speed boosts. Birds will let you fly, yetis can sprint along with you, and frozen mammoths will smash through rocks – these are the kind of things that will keep you coming back for more.

The tricks feature in Ski Safari 2 is a welcome addition, but it’s also a bit reminiscent of the original. The addition of tricks, a neat little camera mode, and local multiplayer are all pretty welcome – but the game itself just doesn’t quite hold up in comparison to Alto’s Adventure.


The game has a local multiplayer mode that can be played with your friends using Wi-Fi. This mode gives a great experience as you can challenge your friends to complete the levels and win them.

Ski Safari 2 is a free-to-play arcade game that is popular among users worldwide. Its simple controls and gameplay mechanics have made it a hit.

This sequel to the 2012 hit game has improved graphics and physics along with a host of new features. Defiant Development and Sleepy Z Studios have done a great job of infusing new elements into the game while keeping the original gaming mechanics intact.

The gameplay is extremely easy to master and is perfect for anyone who loves the endless running genre. The game has a rank system that rewards players for completing objectives. Leveling up will also unlock new items in the game store and increase your max multiplier.

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