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Summer Games 3D Review

January 19, 2023

Summer Games 3D Review

Summer Games 3D is a game that is a little bit like Toy Story meets Zelda. It is a storybook romp with a sports based mini game at the end. But is it a game that is appropriate for a family and casual crowd?

It’s a 2D Zelda-like set inside a children’s storybook

The latest Zelda-like to hit the Nintendo 3DS is a Japanese game called Summer Games. While it might sound like it could be a cheesy children’s book, it turns out to be a pretty decent action game. Featuring an eerie atmosphere, beautiful 2D backgrounds, and magical realism, it’s a great choice for Zelda fans looking to play something new. You can find it on the Nintendo eShop for cheap.

It starts out looking like a 2D Zelda game, but after a short time the player gets to jump into various objects. There’s also a teleportation hook that allows the character to move from one point to another. A few dungeons and bosses will also require the player to use a grappling hook to climb up or down.

It’s a Toy Story-esque rompp

Summer Games 3D is a Toy Story aficionado’s dream come true. Featuring a plethora of characters and locations, this romp combines the fun and excitement of the first two installments with a little less screen time, thereby making the experience all the more rewarding. With a nifty soundtrack, top-notch digital animation effects, and a slew of wacky locations to explore, the sandbox is more than enough to keep the family entertained for the duration of the summer. The best part of it all is that it’s a no-brainer for families of all ages, proving once again that Pixar is the premier creator of family-friendly entertainment.

It’s a collection of sports based mini games

Sports based mini games aren’t uncommon on the Switch. The release of Instant Sports Summer Games is no exception. However, the game isn’t a perfect fit for the system. Despite its fun gameplay, it’s not all that great. If you’re looking for a more solid sports game, try NBA 2K11. It’s a reimagining of the TV show and features 11 different sporting events. And it even lets you play in a variety of single and multiplayer modes.

There’s also an exclusive game mode called Lucioball. It’s similar to association football, but the mechanics are simplified and there are special achievements for scoring a certain number of goals. These changes are designed to help compliment Lucio’s abilities. You can choose to play solo or with up to four players.

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