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Crush the Castle on iPhone

March 4, 2023
Crush the Castle on iPhone

Angry Birds might have beaten Crush the Castle to the market, but Armor Games’ physics-based castle crushing flash game still deserves its fair share of credit for helping launch the “physics projectile puzzle” genre.

With 90 levels, a level editor, and more than a few weapons to unlock, Crush the Castle is plenty of medieval castle crushing fun. Plus, each castle you conquer will earn medals ranging from bronze to gold and silver.


Crush the Castle is a physics based game where you use a trebuchet (something like a catapult) to destroy buildings. It’s a fun game that’s easy to learn and has tons of replay value, especially when you’re in the mood for some old school destruction.

There are 90 levels to destroy across two kingdoms. Some of them are simple while others require a little strategy to clear them in the least amount of time possible.

One of the more interesting features is a castle editor where you can create your own impenetrable castle. It is not the most seamless interface but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have fun designing your own fortress to destroy. The game also has a slew of different projectiles to hurl at your enemies.


The hit Armor Games physics destruction series is back with Crush the Castle Legacy Collection. Relive the chaos and mayhem of the original with upscaled graphics and new achievements. Fling rocks, bombs, and more at monumental towers and castles to bring them down and score big.

You can play through 300+ levels from the Crush the Castle series including Crush the Castle, Crush the Castle 2, and Crush the Castle: Adventures. You’ll also be able to unlock new power-ups and weapons as you crush your opponents’ fortresses.

This ad-supported, updated mobile version of the popular flash game has hundreds of enemies to kill and all your favorite projectiles (like 3 rocks and fire balls) ready to be unleashed with just a tap. There are even some pay-to-play special items with silly effects, but it’s a free-to-play game without any forced timers or limits.


Crush the Castle is a physics-based mobile game that lets you smash castles with trebuchets. Its controls are straightforward, with players clicking once to start the trebuchet and a second time to release its deadly cargo.

In addition to the trebuchet, you can also fire potions and bombs to help you destroy your target. The game also offers a number of skins to unlock, as well as ranks and ammo to purchase.

As a result, the game is pretty addictive, with players often flinging multiple balls against complex castles in order to knock them down. As a bonus, Crush the Castle features 90 levels, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

While the graphics aren’t very exciting, launching a cannonball against a shaky 2D castle is actually quite fun and challenging. You’ll need to tap the screen at just the right moment, as the ball will overshoot or spike if you do it too soon.

Replay value

Crush the Castle is a physics-based trebuchet slinging puzzle game with an impressive number of levels to explore. The game is a blast to play and there’s no shortage of rewards in completing each level.

In terms of a fun, addictive, and challenging iPhone / iPod Touch title, it doesn’t get much better than Crush the Castle. It is not only a solid gaming experience but one that delivers a decent amount of value for its price tag. Besides, the app boasts many of the most impressive graphics and animations we’ve seen on a mobile device. In addition to the aforementioned physics-based slinging feats, it also features a pretty cool castle editor that lets you make your own. This is certainly the best physics-based slinging game to come down the pike in a while. Its high scores are well deserved and the fun quotient is sure to keep you coming back for more. It is a definite must have on your mobile download list.

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