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Backflip Madness on iPhone

March 5, 2023

Backflip Madness on iPhone

Backflip Madness is a parkour-themed extreme sports game that is stuffed with a great number of dangerous stunts. Download it for free on your iPhone and get an adrenaline rush.

This simple and addictive game will make you want to jump from the roof or platform, flip from the cliff and train your backflip skills! You can even watch PewDiePie playing it on his channel!

Parkour-themed extreme sports game

Backflip Madness on iPhone is an arcade-style, parkour-themed extreme sports game that requires players to perform incredible stunts. If the characters fail to complete a stunt, they will die and must restart the level.

The player controls the ragdoll character with a single button, which crouch and jump while a final tap straightens their legs. The results are often hilarious but frustratingly imperfect.

You can play the game in Free Play or Normal mode, and there is also a Lunar Gravity mode that removes gravity for longer flips. You can unlock achievements and compete against other players on leaderboards.

Backflip Madness is an arcade-style, parkour-themed game that uses realistic physics and enables players to control a ragdoll character. The player can dress their character in normal or ninja outfits, and they can choose from 3 difficulty settings. This action replay is a fun way to test your reflexes and learn new skills. It also has a series of different locations and multiple backflips to challenge the player.


Backflip Madness is a free-to-play, high-octane game that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll have to tap and swipe your way through several types of acrobatics in different settings and locations. The trick is to keep your balance as you perform these acrobatics.

To get started, download and install the app from the iTunes store on your iPhone or iPad (you’ll need an Apple ID and password). The app should show up in your apps list, and once installed, you should see a Backflip Madness icon in the iOS home screen.

You’ll be able to play the game in the background, or you can try to unlock all of the cool things this iPhone app has to offer. To do this, you’ll need to navigate your way through the app’s menus and pay close attention to its small print. The free-to-play game is a bit clunky and the UI can be a pain to read, but if you take the time to learn its tricks, you’ll be rewarded with a fun and addictive app that’s sure to keep your iPhone or iPad occupied for hours on end.

Lunar Gravity mode

Backflip Madness is a parkour-themed extreme sports game stuffed with tons of dangerous stunts and tricks. Download it and make a real flip master of yourself!

The Moon has a gravity field of about one-sixth of Earth’s, which means that when you use the Lunar Gravity mode feature, your character is lighter and more agile than normal. This makes for easier maneuvering on a variety of surfaces, and even lets Kat jump higher than she’d normally be able to.

This mode also offers Kat a special ability that isn’t in the standard version of the game: The Wormhole Kick. It’s a powerful attack that allows Kat to teleport to her opponent and deliver a series of quick kicks. It’s also a useful way to deal with large groups of enemies. It costs a lot of Kat’s special energy to activate, however.


Backflip Madness is a fast-paced parkour-themed extreme sports game that lets you make tons of spectacular tricks and stunts. Featuring simple controls and a unique physics engine, this game is sure to delight players of all ages.

There are several cheats in Backflip Madness that can help you advance through the game quickly and easily. There’s a lunar gravity mode, for instance, which turns off most of the game’s gravity and allows your gymnast to jump much higher.

There’s also a trick that allows you to touch your gymnast after a failed flip and toss him around the screen, which is a fun way to mess with the game’s physics engine. It’s not a feature that’s essential, but it does add some extra fun to the game.

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