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Highrise Heroes Word Challenge Game Review

February 13, 2023
Highrise Heroes Word Challenge Game Review

Highrise Heroes Word Challenge is a fun and challenging word puzzle game. It’s a bit derivative of Bookworm, but there are some unique gameplay elements here that make it stand out.

Players must form words while rescuing characters that are stuck in a skyscraper that has collapsed after an earthquake. It’s a clever mix of puzzling, word-spelling and adventure.


Highrise Heroes Word Challenge is a family-friendly Unlimited Pattern Puzzle game in the same vein as PopCap’s Bookworm, but with some unique gameplay elements that set it apart. It also features a bizarre storyline about escaping a collapsing skyscraper following an earthquake, which makes for a highly entertaining experience.

As you progress, you’ll encounter a variety of characters with varying abilities. Each character has a different strategy and can be used in various ways, which adds to the complexity of the game.

In each stage, your goal is to rescue people by making them drop down to the bottom of the playfield. Depending on the level, they’ll need oxygen that you can replenish by spelling words through their portraits.

Although the game is well executed, it falls short of being truly excellent thanks to a lack of multiplayer options and a sluggish in-game dictionary that can sometimes incorrectly recognize valid words. However, the game’s core gameplay is still highly satisfying, and it’s worth a look for fans of the genre.


For a game about words and puzzles, Highrise Heroes Word Challenge is surprisingly fun. It’s a family friendly title that will be sure to entertain players for hours on end. While there are a few minor quibbles, the overall experience is a worthy contender in the puzzle genre.

While the graphics may be a tad on the bland side, the gameplay is well worth the effort, with a whopping 90 levels to explore, including a few chimp-themed variations. Among the most enjoyable parts of this tinkerer is the game’s gamification scheme, which ties the experience together in a way that feels as though it was designed with your particular playing style in mind. For instance, there’s no “end of level” or “reset” option; instead, the game will keep track of your progress and allow you to retry previously completed levels. Alternatively, you can play with an unlimited number of characters. This gives you a lot of freedom to explore and experiment with different strategies, without having to worry about losing your hard earned cash.


The graphics in Highrise Heroes Word Challenge are clean, bright and colorful. The anime-styled characters and their often hilarious statements add intrigue to the game. You’ll also love the animated sequences that help to further the story. Despite its simple visual style, Highrise Heroes Word Challenge is an addictively challenging puzzle game that will have you coming back for more.

The game has over 90 levels to challenge players and offers plenty of replay value as you navigate each level. The main premise of the game is to rescue characters stuck in a collapsing skyscraper by matching letters on a grid system to form words. The game keeps track of your progress and congratulates you when you create an especially long word. However, there is a learning curve to this gameplay mechanic, and it can become tedious at times. A little patience will pay off in the end. Thanks to developer Fallen Tree Games for providing this review code.


Highrise Heroes Word Challenge is a puzzle game with some unique elements that set it apart from Bookworm. In this towering puzzle adventure, you take on the role of Seb and rescue fellow characters by connecting letters to form words that can drop them down to the bottom of the screen. As you progress, new characters, tiles and abilities will be introduced, making the task of forming words while saving people an extremely satisfying one.

The soundtrack of Highrise Heroes Word Challenge is a mix of both familiar and original tunes. Most of the tracks are taken from more popular songs, but some are actually created by the developers themselves. Despite these differences, the music does work well enough and is quite enjoyable. It does get a bit cheesy at times though, so if you are not into alternative or electronic music, you may want to avoid this title. It is worth a download, however, as it offers some great gameplay and a strange story that will keep you hooked for a while.

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