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Zombie Defense – How to Defend Against Zombies

February 13, 2023
Zombie Defense – How to Defend Against Zombies

Zombies are a threat to our lives that we must always be prepared for. In this article, combatives expert Kelly McCann shares some of her tips for dealing with zombies.

Zombie Defense is a top-down zombie shooter with tower defense elements featuring up to 4 players local and online co-op. It’s a fast-paced game with responsive controls and smooth animations.


There are a number of weapons you can use to defend against zombies. Choosing the right weapon can make or break your survival.

A sword is one of the best close-combat weapons you can use against zombies. Its long blade is perfect for giving you room to move, and its sharp edges are deadly when slicing zombie flesh.

knives are also an effective and versatile anti-zombie weapon. They’re lightweight and easy to carry, making them a good choice if you’re on the move.

Shotguns are another popular choice for zombie defense, but their effectiveness against the living dead is limited. They don’t have as much stopping power or spread as a rifle, and the scattering shot is less likely to penetrate a zombie’s skull than a solid slug.

A crowbar is another useful tool for zombie defense. It can be used to pry open a door, shift a heavy object, and cut off limbs or heads.


Airstrikes are an important tool for defending against zombies. They can be used to destroy weapons or block zombies from reaching their destination.

They can also be used to damage and destroy zombies in a specific area. These strikes can be called in from a tablet or via an airdrop marker on the ground.

The military has a detailed process for targeting targets, based on intelligence reports and assessments. It takes many specialized personnel through multiple levels of review and oversight.

But while the broad outline of how a strike is conducted has been widely publicized, the details are often murkier and more complex than that.

In the past, airstrikes often resulted in civilian deaths. But today, they can often be averted through more-precise surveillance.


Abyss is a term used in the Bible and Jewish theology to describe a deep or bottomless pit. It is also sometimes used to refer to a chasm in the ground.

In the D&D universe, the Abyss is one of the chaotic evil-aligned Outer Planes. It is also a major area of the standard Dungeons & Dragons cosmology.

Zombies have a 20% chance of causing living targets to become ill, reducing their attack and defense values by two for a period of three rounds. This effect can be removed with the Cure spell, and it is reversible by using the Power of the Dragon Father or Cape of Silence artifacts.

Another way to defend against zombies is by boating. In this strategy, a team of men armed with harpoons will slowly pass over the water, disturbing it and attracting zombies. Then, one of the men will lunge a harpoon into a zombie’s head. This can be dangerous, however, as the zombie could grab the harpoon and suffocate you.


When you’re defending against zombies, one of the best defenses is traps. These devices can slow zombies down and deal damage to them when they step on them.

Traps can also be upgraded if you have the right amount of metal in your inventory. Tap the small yellow button to boost a trap and upgrade it with the needed metal.

You can also upgrade a trap’s stats to improve its damage output and effectiveness against enemies. For example, if zombies are weak to fire, you should increase the fire-damaging output of your fire traps so that they can eliminate all of them instantly.

Another effective way to defend against zombies is by placing barricades along their path. These can be constructed by Military Engineers and are a great way to stop them from entering your settlements.

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