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How Many Games Are There in Apple Arcade?

November 29, 2022

How Many Games Are There in Apple Arcade?

Almost everyone loves playing video games, and it’s not hard to find a game you’ll enjoy on the Apple Arcade. Whether you’re looking for classic arcade games or modern games for your iPhone, you’ll find something to enjoy in this guide.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

Previously available on the App Store, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls will now be available on Apple Arcade. The game features playable characters from the series, unique weapons, and other features. You can even try out the game for free by downloading the iOS version.

The game offers two modes: the single player mode, and the multiplayer mode. Each player takes the role of one of six iconic Castlevania characters. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities. The game is a mix of 2D side-scrolling action and role-playing elements. The game also has a progression system.

Galaga Wars

Whether you’re looking for a game to play on your iPhone or iPad, Apple Arcade has more than 220 titles to choose from. Apple Arcade has been working with some of the biggest name gaming companies and indie developers to bring their games to Apple’s mobile platform.

For a limited time, Apple Arcade is offering new customers a one month free trial to their mobile gaming service. In return, they’ll get to try out a variety of games, from the newest titles to classic favorites. They can then subscribe to the service for $5 a month to unlock the full game.

Badland Party

Described as an “atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure,” Badlands Party promises innovative physics-based 3D gameplay and dozens of new characters to unlock. The game also supports online and local multiplayer.

Badland Party is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad, and features physics-based gameplay, multiple worlds, and dozens of levels. The game also includes iCloud support, which allows players to sync their progress across devices.

Badland Party is a spinoff of the popular Badland and Badland 2 video games. The game’s graphics and gameplay are similar to the previous titles, but there are new features and improvements. For example, Badland Party offers cooperative play with up to three players, and is also the first game in the Badland series to offer online multiplayer.

Crayola Create and Play

CRAYOLA Create and Play is a great creative activity app for children. This app encourages kids to have fun with colours, letters, shapes and pets. It also includes educational games. The app is perfect for the holiday season with festive decorations and events.

CRAYOLA Create and Play is available on the Apple App Store. It is a creative experience for children aged four and up. The app features games that are designed to help develop artistic independence, problem solving, creative thinking, and confidence. It also offers a parent’s section that answers frequently asked questions.

Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain

Originally released in 2015, Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain is an updated version of the popular snowboarding video game. It features new set pieces and gameplay elements, as well as a new character. It will be available on both iPhone and Mac later this year.

In Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of The Mountain, players control a snowboarding character named Alto, who and his friends embark on a quest to retrieve a lost llamas. Along the way, players must avoid obstacles, make perilous jumps, and collect coins. The game’s unique gameplay features dynamic lighting, physics-based movement, and weather effects.

Spire Blast

Among the games in Apple Arcade is the physics-based puzzle game Spire Blast. The game is an easy and fun way to pass the time while waiting for your commute to start or for a meeting to end.

In Spire Blast, players are required to match colored blocks to shoot at a tower. Unlike other tower defense games, however, the goal is not to knock down all of the blocks, but to remove some of them so that the tower collapses.


Despite the fact that Apple Arcade is a subscription service, it has a wide range of games for players to choose from. These include arcade games, board games, and simulation games. The games can be played on any device.

NUTS is a first person adventure game which is being released for iOS devices. The game follows a rookie field researcher who is sent to a mysterious forest. In order to discover the secrets of the forest, the player must collect footage from cameras dotted around the area.

Towers of Everland

Described as a fusion of RPG elements, Towers of Everland is a game that seamlessly combines combat and exploration. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad. If you’re interested in trying out Towers of Everland, you can get a free trial.

Towers of Everland is a 3D, first-person dungeon crawler game. It’s available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It features a robust combat system and randomly-generated loot. You will be able to collect weapons and armor to upgrade your character. You can also unlock guilds and combat talents to advance your skills.

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