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Tinybop The Explorer’s Library

November 29, 2022

Tinybop The Explorer’s Library

Whether you are looking for the latest gadgets to take your little one’s imagination to the next level, or if you simply want to discover a new way to play with your children, Tinybop The Explorer’s Library has something for everyone. This article has information on everything from digital toys to Mammals and Weather. You can even find information on how to stack the States.


Designed for kids 6-8, Mammals is a part of Tinybop The Explorer’s Library. This series of STEM apps is designed to spark the curiosity of children and encourage lifelong learning. It features interactive diagrams of mammal skeletons and nervous systems. It also includes fun activities and fun facts. Mammals is available for iOS devices.

The Mammals app from Tinybop has a lot of fun features. It offers an up close and personal look at five different mammals. Upon entering the app, a museum-like gallery opens to show kids what the animals have in common. They can look at their skeletons, watch their heart beat, and compare the different fur types. There’s also a section where kids can feed the mammal to watch it move food through its body.

Mammals also has the most interactive features of all. The African elephant has an interactive section that lets kids tap its legs to explore its many body systems. These include its uterus, digestive system, and spitting out food items.

Digital Toys

Designed for young minds, Tinybop The Explorer’s Library is an award-winning educational series of nine interactive sandbox apps for kids. Available on National Geographic Kids, Google Play, and the Apple App Store, these apps invite kids ages four and older to explore the world and learn about STEM concepts. These apps include interactive models of the human body, arcade games, and even personal diary creation. They are designed to foster lifelong learning and help kids make connections between their own lives and the world around them.

The apps feature bright, kid-friendly designs with intelligent animations. Each app has its own unique focus. For example, “The Robot Factory” lets kids build robots. They can even record their own robot sounds. They can also customize their robots by changing their heads and feet. They can even have fun failures.

Another Tinybop app is Coral Reef, a STEM series for young scientists. Kids can learn about coral reefs and underwater exploration. Coral Reef also includes a shark feeding frenzy. There are many other apps in this series. The apps feature different illustrators for each title.

Stack the States

Stack the States in Tinybop The Explorer’s Library is a game designed for kids to learn about states in the United States. It includes games and flashcards that include state names, capitals, borders, landmarks, and postal codes. It is a good resource for teachers to use with their students.

Stack the States is a game that uses a combination of fast-paced gameplay, content reinforcement, and scaffolding to help students develop knowledge of states. It is appropriate for ages 9 to 12. It is recommended for students in grades 3 through 4. It is a great tool for teachers to use with their students.

The game features four states. The goal is to place them on a map and to reach the checkered line. The game also features trivia and other activities that can keep the students’ interest.

The trivia is a quiz that asks about state capitals, capitals, and other facts about states. The quiz is broken up into various question types, ranging from simple questions to more complex ones.


Whether your kids are interested in climate change, extreme weather or just how the natural world works, Weather in Tinybop is an engaging app that will teach them. Kids can learn about how temperature affects the weather, what weather terms mean, and even go on a cloud hunting mission. They can also learn about how storms form and change. This app is perfect for children ages six to eight.

The Tinybop Explorer’s Library is a series of apps that will take your kids on an adventure into the world of science and technology. Each app comes with detailed close-ups, fun activities, and tons of information graphics. In addition, each one comes with a parent’s handbook. It includes expert-reviewed information, discussion questions, and images. In addition, kids can create their own accounts.

There are a wide variety of viewing options, which include many languages, as well as visual vocabulary labels. Students can also experiment with the effects of the sun and air temperature. They can watch burning objects, watch evaporation, and see condensation. The app also comes with a handy reference guide, which includes written facts, images, and sources.

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