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Marvel Snap Review

February 17, 2023
Marvel Snap Review

MARVEL SNAP is an exciting free-to-play digital collectible card game that’s now available for mobile devices. It offers a fun and engaging experience for players of all ages.

Marvel Snap is a unique take on the popular deck-building game, with a simple energy and power system and multiple ways to win. It also features 50+ locations from across the Marvel Universe with iconic game-changing abilities.


Designed by Ben Brode, the former game director of Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Marvel Snap is a fresh take on the card battler genre. Players build decks of cards ripped out of the pages of Marvel comics, then battle against opponents to control three locations on the board.

Each location has a cost and power value, which the player who has the most power in two of the three locations wins the match. The match can last only six turns, and a tie is determined by total power across all three locations.

While it’s not for everyone, Marvel Snap is a fun, fast-paced game that offers a lot of tactical variance while offering a low barrier to entry. The game’s bold ideas, deep gameplay and punchy presentation are well-worth a download.

Card Variants

The card variants in Marvel Snap add a lot of personality to decks and are a good way to personalize your deck. They don’t change the abilities of a card, but they do give it a unique look.

There are a variety of different art styles in Marvel Snap, such as pixel, sports, chibi, steampunk and more. Some even feature characters from other Marvel comics.

Variants are alternative card designs, similar to skins in other games. They have the same effect as the original card, but they are usually more aesthetically pleasing.

Variants can be purchased using the game’s premium currency Gold. They can also be received through Season Passes, in-game events and the Token Shop. They are also available in Bundles. They are rarer than the original card version, so they can be expensive.

Collection Levels

Marvel Snap has a unique progression system, one that allows players to unlock new cards via Boosters and Credits. These currencies can be earned by completing missions, completing the Season Pass and leveling up your Collection Level.

Boosters and Credits are used to upgrade cards in the game, changing their rarity and visuals. The process is cyclical, meaning players can earn both currencies at different points in the game.

Upgrading cards also improves their stats and adds animations and effects. These upgrades help raise your Collection Level, which increases the likelihood of unlocking Boosters for new cards and increasing their rarity.

The Collection Level system in Marvel Snap is split into three pools: Pool 1; Pool 2; and Pool 3. Players can access new pools by increasing their Collection Level.

Season Pass

Marvel Snap is a superhero deck-building game with a unique twist. Battles last six short rounds, and players use cards with varying costs, power levels, and on-board effects to win control of two out of three locations.

The key to winning is using a combination of low-tier cards with high-tier cards that synergize with each other and the random location abilities. For example, Ant Man’s card is feeble, but if it’s placed next to Hawkeye, it will give all cards in its force field two extra attack power.

The game offers a variety of cards from the entire Marvel universe and beyond, as well as a variety of art styles for each card. It’s a fun game to play, and even the most veteran of players will find that their battle plan can be thrown off track when a random location pops up.


Marvel Snap is a bold reinvention of the card games that see you fill your board with cards and play them against each other. It’s led by a team of ex-Hearthstone creators who have reimagined the genre as a bite-sized experience that packs bold ideas and deep gameplay into a compact package.

Its monetary system isn’t as bad as some other free-to-play mobile titles, but it still asks players to spend real money to upgrade cards / collector levels or get new variants. That’s a bit overkill for such a small game.

It also features a premium-locked Battle Pass that adds cards, locations and boosters to the game. The passes are a great way to expand your collection and earn in-game currencies, but the rewards they grant are often only worth a few gold or credits.

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