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Hooked Inc Fishing Games Review

February 17, 2023

Hooked Inc Fishing Games Review

Hooked Inc: Fishing Games is an idle clicker game where you can travel across the open seas on a boat. Swipe your finger to catch fish, gain money and hire crew members.

Traverse through uncharted waters catching and gathering the biggest exotic fish while upgrading new boats that unlock better skills, boosts and items. Can you unlock the mega yacht and explore all the unknown oceans?


Fishing is a popular sport worldwide and millions of people love to go fishing either for their livelihood, business or even entertainment. But what if you could catch more than just your usual species of fish?

Hooked Inc is a simulation game where you build your fishing empire and assemble a team of crew members to catch epic species around the globe. You can upgrade your boat, hire crew members, and even buy new gear and equipment to improve your fishing skills.

You can also collect shipments, which are brown crates that appear in the water. You can tap on them to earn cash and gems.

Another way to earn cash is to swipe over schools of fish, which appear on the screen occasionally. These are a great source of cash and can be earned quickly.

You can also use perks, which are permanent passive bonuses that you can unlock or upgrade as you level up in the game. These can help you get more money and increase your fishing experience.


Hooked Inc: Fishing Games is a casual game that lets you become a successful fisherman. You travel to different locations, catch different kinds of fish and upgrade your boat.

Its simple control system makes it easy to play. You simply swipe across areas of the water where silhouettes of fish appear. When you do this, the fish will come to your boat and you’ll earn cash.

You can also hire crew members to help you catch more fish. They’ll give you a bonus each time they catch a fish, and the more crew members you have, the more money you’ll make.

The graphics in Hooked Inc: Fishing Games are beautiful and well-designed. They look great on a variety of devices, including low-end phones and premium models. They’re also family-friendly and fun for all ages.


Hooked Inc: Fishing Games is a casual idle game that lets you travel the seas, catch tons of different types of fish and build your empire. It’s free to play and available on the Google Play Store, so anyone with an Android device can join a worldwide fishing community.

The game plays out like a classic clicker, with players using their fingers to swipe across the screen to fish. During this time, they’re rewarded with money and gems that can be used to upgrade their boat, fishing rod, bait and crew members.

In addition to its standard gameplay, Hooked Inc also features a unique style of fishing that involves dropping baits in certain locations. This catches more fish and makes it easier for novices to get caught up in the action.

The game has some interesting physics that make for realistic animations from the time the line is cast to the moment the player hooks a fish. The sound effects are also quite impressive.


There are a few ways to earn extra money in Hooked Inc. Some involve completing certain tasks and earning coins, while others are related to the game’s daily login rewards.

* You can also use gems to unlock and upgrade Perks, which are passive bonuses that help you earn even more money while playing. These can be unlocked by advancing through the game’s various levels.

As you level up, you’ll earn rubies – red-colored gems that can be used to unlock and upgrade Perks. These passive bonuses are a great way to boost your earnings and get the most out of every fishing session.

You’ll be able to earn these rubies from swiping up all types of fish, but sometimes you’ll also spot massive sea animals that can be incredibly difficult to weaken with even the lowest Fishing Experience levels. These are known as Epic Fishes, and it’s worth exploring deeper waters to find them.

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