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Teen Titans Go Review

December 23, 2022
Teen Titans Go Review

If you’re a fan of the Teeny Titans, then you’ll definitely want to check out their new cartoon, Teeny Titans Go. The show is a continuation of the series and it features a lot of the original characters. However, it also adds a lot of new elements. Some of these include new animation techniques, a more modern style of animation, and fighting sequences. These elements all make this new cartoon a very appealing show.


Teen Titans Go is a cartoon about a team of superheroes, produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. The show is aimed at ages 16-19. Players control three of the Teen Titans and fight crime in a city. They collect coins, gems, and defeat bad plotters.

Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans and has superpowers. Her superhuman strength and speed allows her to jump high. She’s a trained martial artist, a detective, and a leader. Her team mates include Beast Boy, Terra, Beat Box, and Gizmo.

Cyborg is a half-human, half-robot. He’s intelligent and has a knack for technology. But he also has destructive powers. His favorite weapons are grapple guns and multi-purpose metallic bo staff.

Raven is a half-demon, a mystical girl with dark powers. She’s also a ruthless villain who disguises herself as a harmless old woman. Often her interactions with her teammates are through sarcasm.

Animation style

Animated shows have come a long way since the days of the early 1900s. They’ve been transformed from eerie fantasy to wholesome slapstick. Animation is now cleaner and clearer than ever before.

The original Teen Titans melded anime style with the dark side of DC. It was one of the first animated cartoons to use a pronounced anime style.

Teen Titans is a fun series that appeals to both the younger and older crowd. It has an array of action sequences that rival the best superhero movies.

Although it is a comedy, the series does have its fair share of serious moments. It was a big disappointment when it was canceled after five seasons. However, it did manage to attract the attention of many longtime comic book fans.

Another DC show that was canceled before its time was Young Justice. It had a lot of promising story arcs. But it was plagued by mediocre toy sales.

Fighting sequences

During Teen Titans Go!, a Titans team fights a villain. The villain is the arch nemesis of the team. While the Titans and other superheroes have fought with lesser known villains, they have not yet fought with the baddest of the bad.

The “To Be Continued” note on the credits for the movie was a nod to the next installment of the Teen Titans series. However, the notes were removed from the home media releases for the film.

Although the movie is not as revolutionary as its predecessor, it does prove that Teen Titans can have meaningful stories. Even though the plot is relatively thin, the film incorporates humor and action in a very pleasing manner.

As with the animated show, the movie does not take itself seriously. Its characters are mostly self-deprecating, with some notable exceptions.

The main action scenes are largely limited to the battles with Slade Wilson and Trigon. But hey, it’s a superhero flick!

Sense of humor

A lot of kids love Teen Titans. The show is a comedy action series with classic DC Comics characters. It also features strong female characters.

The movie is a bit more lighthearted than the average superhero series. There are plenty of laughs to be had.

The main characters are Robin (Scott Menville), Beast Boy (Greg Cipes), Starfire (Hynden Walch), Raven (Tara Strong), and Cyborg (Kary Payton). The pacing is fresh and lively. And there are some funny musical numbers.

Several of the episodes include running gags and some in-universe songs. The movie is full of wink-wink humor, and there are plenty of good jokes for adults and kids alike.

While this is not a serious show, there are still some dark moments. For example, the team is driven crazy by their obsession to stop Slade. This includes a scene where the future superhero is killed when he is a baby. Unlike the previous Teen Titans show, the characters don’t have a clear moral compass. However, they do genuinely care for each other.

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