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Virtual Families 3 Review

December 31, 2022

If you’re a fan of online games, then you might be interested in Virtual Families 3. This game allows you to build a family with real people and even renovate your house. It is very similar to House Flipper, and you can earn cash as you play. The game has a wide variety of characters and a good rating from players.


Virtual Families 3 is a game that simulates real-life activities. It is similar to The Sims. However, the game differs in many aspects. For instance, it focuses less on mystery stuff. Instead, it involves a lot of work to earn extra coins.

As a player, you can send your character to different places, like the office or the kitchen. You can also promote them to higher positions. In addition, you can use coins to buy new clothes, furniture, and toys.

However, the game also simulates a life of sickness and death. It is important to treat any ailment that your character suffers from. Fortunately, there are medicine and treatments that you can get from the in-game store or doctor.

One of the most common problems that a Virtual Families character faces is depression. To treat this, you can try giving your character candy, praise, and even psychotherapy.

Another problem that a Virtual Families character can face is a lack of food. If the character’s diet is unhealthy, he or she may become depressed. A good way to make him or her feel better is to feed him or her fruits.

House renovations

It’s no secret that virtual house renovations are a big part of the Virtual Families experience. You can choose to do it yourself or hire an actual human if you’re feeling flush. One can even purchase the tools of the trade for a modest fee at a retail establishment. The best part is, you can take your time in the process.

As for the house, you’ll find it divided into several sections. These include the living room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the bathroom and the office. If you’re looking to spend a few hours, you can even create a gameroom or home theatre. Some upgrades are a bit more expensive than others. For example, you’ll need a few thousand coins to add two new rooms to your kitchen.

However, there are many other options for those who prefer to play by the book. This game is actually pretty fun to play, albeit with the exception of a few petty squabbles.

Approval ratings for the Resort

If you’ve played any of the many virtual life sims offered by Last Day at Work, you’ll be well aware of the latest entrant. Whether you’re looking to occupy the digital void or just have a hankering for a little downtime, you’re sure to be impressed with this game’s oomph factor. The best part is, you’ll find your sizzling hottie is hardly ever in sight. Moreover, the games plethora of simulative tasks keeps your tuxedo tame at bay. Aside from the aforementioned tamers, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your neighbors are on the same page. That’s all the more reason to show some love to the next gen. Oh, and if you’re a true grizzled veteran of the lonesome, you’ll likely have a better shot at snagging a few freebies as well.

Pay-to-play aspect

Virtual Families 3 is a life simulation game that is similar to The Sims. It features a passive and interactive approach, which requires the player to play a bit for a while before he can actually see the progress made.

There are different careers in the game, ranging from beginner to master. The salaries for each of them vary. For example, you can get an easy job as a gardener for 1000 coins a day. On the other hand, the more advanced renovations require a specific approval rating.

You can start the game with a bad house. After the wedding, you and your partner will move into the house. Upon completion of the task, your gardener will leave.

You can choose to purchase various furniture and other items for the house. You can also buy an automatic sprinkler, which helps to maintain the lawn and flower beds.

You can also hire an in-game doctor to help your character heal. However, this will cost you around 495 coins. In addition, you can buy medicines like analgesics to treat pain and thirst.

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