Dreamcast to iPhone game wish-list

With all this talk from SEGA’s president about the iPhone being the true Dreamcast successor, we thought we’d give you a top five run down of Dreamcast games we think would be a great fit for iPhone.



5. Space Channel 5

This techno/rock music game was a big hit on the Dreamcast, and with Tap Tap Revenge giving us a glimpse of the possibilities of Music games on the iPhone, we think Space Channel 5 would work a treat.


4. Samba De Amigo

‘Another music game’ you say, yes but this one features a maraca shaking monkey. We’re not sure if shaking our iPhones, like a looney, on the train during early morning rush hour will go down well with fellow passengers but this game was seriously addictive back in the Dreamcast days…Oh and did I mention it features a maraca shaking monkey? Nuff said!


3. Chu Chu Rocket

This unique Cat and mouse puzzle game was very popular with Dreamcast owners. It has already found success as a portable game on the Gameboy Advance, and we think it would work great on the iPhone touch screen.


2. Crazy Taxi

The iPhone already has a solid line up of racing games, due to the great way they handle with the tilt controls… but none offer the free roaming sandbox style gameplay of Crazy taxi. Originally an arcade game, but later ported to the Dreamcast, it features manic time-based taxi missions and bright, vivid graphics.


1. Rez

No Dreamcast games list would dare to miss Rez out of the running for top game. This psychedelic shooter was an instant classic on the Dreamcast, and has recently appeared on Xbox live with upgraded graphics and sound. We think this game would work great with the tilt and tap controls of the iPhone, and would be a huge hit with all gamers. Please SEGA, please!

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