Tap Tap Revenge Review

Review by Dave Leclair

Currently the Itunes app store is loaded with free games, many are demos of a pay game, and a lot of the rest are barely worth the cost of admission (which may I remind you is nothing). However, there are some standout games on the app store for free that are so good, I would be willing to pay for them, Tap Tap Revenge, or Tap Tap, is one of these games. Imagine Tap Tap as a mix of Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, on your iPhone. [Read more →]

Billy Frontier Review

Review by Nigel Wood

With the advent of the Nintendo Wii and DS consoles a new type of gamer was born, the ‘casual gamer’. Casual gamers like short, easy to pick up and play games. Games that don’t have complicated control schemes and deep storylines, but instead offer a quick fix of gaming goodness to fill a small space in their daily lives. [Read more →]

Space Monkey Review

Review by Nigel Wood

Glu’s ‘Space Monkey’ is the second primate themed game to hit the iPhone. Except this time your task isn’t to guide the cheeky blighters around in glass balls. Earth’s Space Agency has a problem! Space has become a dumping ground for humanities waste, and to avoid dirtying their hands further, they have recruited man’s closet hairy relative to do the dirty work for them, You! [Read more →]

Asphalt 4: Elite racing Review

As mentioned in my review of Moto chaser, there is a good range of racers on the iPhone. They all have their strong points, but none have quite delivered a full on experience as seen on the gaming big boys like the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Golden Skull review

Developed by Deluxeware and published by Astraware, Golden Skull is a match the colours (in this case gems) puzzle game.

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Funky Punch review

One major game genre missing from the iPhone is the arcade fighting game… that is, until now.

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Moto Chaser Review

The iPhone is beginning to get a nice collection of racing titles. From Mario Kart style racers like ‘Cro-mag rally’ and ‘Crash Bandicoot Racing’, to realistic Grand Turismo style racers such as ‘GTS World Racing’ and the upcoming ‘Real Racing’.

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Toy Bot diaries review

Toy Bot Diaries is an original IP by IUGO, built from the ground up for iPhone… and it shows. They have crafted a game that plays to the iPhones strengths, specifically in its controls. [Read more →]

Alien Invasion review

There are many budget titles on iPhone… some free and some around the 50p mark ($1). These budget titles are more often than not from fledgling games developers, bitten by the iPhone SDK bug. [Read more →]