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2XL Snocross Game Review

January 31, 2023
2XL Snocross Game Review

2XL Snocross is a single-player and online multiplayer racing video game that lets you show off your skills. It offers a stunning world, six tracks, day and night events, lots of upgrades, and different sleds.

It’s one of the most polished racing games available for the iPhone, but it doesn’t quite have the excitement to live up to its predecessors.


2XL Snocross is an engrossing racing game that takes place in a beautiful HD world. It features six different race tracks, including two freestyle tracks.

To get started, download the app from the Apple App Store. You will need to provide your Apple ID and password to complete the installation process.

The app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch users, but it can also be installed on the iPad if you have an iOS compatible device. This means you can play the game on a tablet while on the go!

Aside from the game play, the app also features some interesting visual and audio effects. There are several customization options available, including the ability to choose a sled, decorate it with new and decorative items, and customize the track with a variety of environmental challenges. Other notable features include a 3D engine, multiplayer racing, and day and night events. The game is also compatible with Apple’s composite AV cable, which allows you to play on an external display.


The game offers six different tracks, including two freestyle ones, each one providing various environmental difficulties. It also provides a lot of customization options.

2XL Snocross is a Single-player and Online Multiplayer Racing video game that lets you show off your skills to your friends while competing against computer-controlled opponents. It takes place in a HD environment and offers a variety of sleds to choose from.

A great gameplay option is the ability to customize your sled with many decorative items. It also allows you to play as Heath Frisby and Levi LaVallee, two Winter X Games medalists.

2XL Snocross is a great addition to the mobile gaming world, offering vital features such as different modes, lots of upgrades, unlockable new tracks, listen to your music, day and night events, etc. It also features excellent mechanics and brilliant 3D visual details.


The graphics in 2XL Snocross are pretty decent for a game released in 2000. Textures are crisp, polygon models are solid and environments are rendered well.

However, one major drawback is the very short draw distance – it’s like playing an N64 game that’s released in 1996 instead of 2000. That’s not the worst thing about the game, but it makes it feel dated.

Snocross’s biggest strength is the physics, which really make the game feel realistic. The snowmobile will bob and sway, or lift up when taking sharp turns, and the tracks will grip and climb up jumps and inclines.


While the graphics in 2XL Snocross are certainly impressive, it’s the audio that really catches the eye. The roaring crowds, the super realistic engine whining and the crash of your bike into the ground with your rider grunting in pain are all part of the experience.

The best part is that you can have it all at your fingertips. The game’s touch screen interface is intuitive and the app has a long battery life. The app itself is free and offers more than enough features to keep you occupied for hours on end.

The app is a spinoff of the popular 2XL Racing series and includes the same liquid-color graphics, fully interactive 3D physics, surround sound, authentic engine recordings and other nifty little tricks like particle effects, projected shadows and lighting. The app also has a small footprint, making it ideal for the on-the-go mobile gaming buff. The app has an enticing list of impressive-looking cars to choose from including the Classic V8 muscle car, a NASCAR engine, a Ford GT40 and a Ferrari sports car.

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