60 seconds: Developer interview

In this 60 second interview we sit down with Sean Cross from Source IT Software, to chat about the iPhone as a games device, the upcoming game FPS Zombie Mansion and future projects on the horizon.

What made you decide to develop games for the iPhone?

I have always been interested in 3d, but these days developing a 3d game for the computer requires a large team.  I ported the yeti 3d engine to the pocketpc a few years ago and started writing a game.  However changes in my personal life (changing jobs, changing cities, young kids) meant that I didn’t have sufficient free time to complete it.  Getting an iPhone persuaded me to restart the project.

What is your favorite feature of the iPhone for gaming?


Multitouch and consistent hardware. The iPhone is sadly lacking in buttons, but the multitouch helps make up for that.  The main advantage though is the consistent hardware specs.  There are windows mobile phones with better specs, but there are more with lower specs and it is harder to code for the varying hardware.


Why an FPS?


FPSs are my favourite type of game, so it seemed a good place to start.


How have you tackled the iphone controls for Zombie Mansion?

I am still experimenting with this.  At the moment you can use the accelerometer or onscreen controls.  I am trying out a few different ideas for how the onscreen controls should work.


What kind of experience should players expect? Is it intense action or a slower paced adventure?

It’s fairly action orientated.  There will be plenty of monsters to kill, but there is also exploration.


Are you a gamer, and if so what are you currently playing? (on any platform)

I am a gamer.  Don’t tell my wife, but I am currently playing Crysis Warhead and Stalker Clear Sky on PC.


And finally, do you have any other iPhone game developments up your sleeves?

I’ll see how Zombie Mansion goes, but I have a few ideas for games.  I would like to try a 3rd person version of Dungeon Crawl using the same engine.

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