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Bully: Anniversary Edition Review

December 6, 2022

Bully: Anniversary Edition Review

Whether you’ve played it once or many times, Bully: Anniversary Edition is still a fun game. It’s still got a nice combat system, and it has a lot of collectibles and friend challenges to keep you interested.


Developed by Rockstar Games, Bully: Anniversary Edition is an action-adventure game. It features cross-platform play, physical controller support, and full Social Club support. It has improved lighting, textures, and joystick sensitivity.

The game revolves around a young man named Jimmy Hopkins. He wants to stop school bullying, and fights back against the bullies. He starts at a fictional school called Bullworth Academy, which is a private boarding school. The school is designed in neo-gothic style, with buildings reminiscent of Fettes College in Edinburgh.

After starting school, Jimmy takes part in various missions that reward him with cash and new items. He also completes missions to earn respect for certain groups. Some of these groups include the police officer Monson and the authority group. The groups have different storylines and targets.


Developed by Rockstar Games, Bully is a high-flying action game that delivers the goods. You get to play as a mischievous teenager named Jimmy Hopkins and take part in a wide range of activities. These include school classes, mini-games and activities that will earn you cash. You can even compete in head-to-head challenges with your friends and classmates.

Aside from the fact that the game boasts impressive graphics, Bully: Anniversary Edition also has several other features that will delight players. Some of the notable features include an updated look, new missions, recruitable allies and the ability to store game data in the cloud.

Bully: Anniversary Edition was developed by Rockstar for mobile devices, including Android and iOS. It was released for both platforms on December 8, 2016. The most exciting aspect is that it has all the features and functionality of the original release, but with a few enhancements. It includes redesigned controls for touch gameplay, higher resolution graphics and support for high-resolution displays. It also includes a multiplayer mode and full Social Club support.

Combat system

Developed by Rockstar Vancouver, Bully is an open world action adventure game that is set in a fictional British private boarding school called Bullworth. It is an homage to Grand Theft Auto games and features an open world where players can explore, interact with the characters, and perform various school activities.

Bully features a slick combat system. Most brawls take place in a hand-to-hand combat mode, but there are also a few more interesting techniques. In addition to the obvious melee attack, players can also use a slingshot, a skateboard, and a nifty prank.

Bully also features an open world where players can engage in a number of different activities, including side missions. The game also features a light crafting system, as well as vehicles, scooters, and mischievous items.

Friend Challenges

Friend Challenges is a new multiplayer feature in Bully: Anniversary Edition. The new mode enables players to challenge friends on the go. Players can compete in arcade-style minigames, like Consumo, and head-to-head competitions. The winner gets to enter an arcade tournament.

In Bully: Anniversary Edition, players can play the game with new characters and extra missions. This version of the game also includes improved visuals, new textures, a full-fledged story, and new multiplayer classroom minigames.

Friend Challenges allows players to compete with friends in arcade-style minigames. The game features turn-based head-to-head competitions, word problems, and more. Players can play the games on their own or through the web, which allows for seamless game play across all devices.

The game is played from a third-person perspective. Players will make friends, make enemies, and follow a compelling narrative.


During the original release of Bully, the player played as James “Jimmy” Hopkins, a troubled adolescent who is sent to a private school called Bullworth Academy. As the story progresses, the player is able to unlock the rest of the town.

The game is played from a third-person perspective. The player must attend classes, win Go-Kart races, and complete errands in order to advance in the story.

The game also contains numerous mini games. These mini-games range from arcade games to classroom-style mini-games. As the player completes missions, he is rewarded with new items. These items can be used to customize Jimmy’s appearance.

Various classes are available to complete, giving the player special abilities. These classes include chemistry and English. These classes can also help the player to apologize for his actions.

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