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Chameleon Run Game Review

February 28, 2023
Chameleon Run Game Review

Chameleon Run is a fresh take on the side-scroller and endless-runner genre. It combines fast-paced jumping with colour shifting, making it a joy to play.

Using this combination, you must jump and colour-swap platforms in order to survive obstacles. Landing on one with the wrong color will end your run.

Level design

A colorful side-scrolling auto-runner with a unique twist, Chameleon Run is an addictive game that’s a delight to play through. You’ll be tempted to go back over levels and replay them for extra speed, but each one is carefully designed to challenge you in its own way.

The gimmick is simple: you’ll need to switch your color frequently as you run through the platforms in each stage, otherwise the level ends and you’re forced to start again. That’s not the end of it, however; the developer constantly adds new challenges to make sure you don’t get too comfortable with its mechanics.

Some of these challenges are straightforward (collect marbles, find smoking gems), while others demand a little more finesse from you. For example, you’ll often need to jump under different colored platforms, and when a see-saw is thrown into the mix, it’s not just a matter of tapping the right sides of the screen; you’ll also need to time your double jumps to avoid crashing into the wrong part of the platform.


Throughout each level, there are obstacles that the game character must navigate through. These can be anything from gaps in the platform to teeter-tottering sections that shift as your character runs across them.

These are some of the most dangerous obstacles in Chameleon Run. The runner is always moving forward without input from you and these obstacles can be a serious risk to your little guy.

Each obstacle is color-coded, so if your runner touches something that is black, it’s game over for him.

This is a deceptively challenging game and though it is based on the same concept as numerous other endless runners, Chameleon Run sets itself apart with its color switch twist, different types of jumps, and customizable options like replay recordings and a face cam.

As you progress, the challenges get harder and tougher. It’s important to keep track of your time and don’t attempt to beat multiple challenges at once, as this will set you up for failure.


Chameleon Run is a fun autorunner that focuses on color swapping and jumping in order to get across the level. It also features a number of cleverly designed obstacles that will have you running back for more.

The gimmick here is the collectibles, which are more than just random items that fill an achievement or trophy checklist. Pagies, conscious sheets of paper, are the most important, as they allow you to progress, but you can also find Ghost Writers, Mollycools, Arcade Tokens, health and power upgrades, and more that all have a purpose.

What is most interesting about the collectibles is that most of them are actually useful, like a Quill that lets you buy upgrades, or an Arcade Token that unlocks retro mini-games. There are also a handful of cool-looking breakable items that you can smash to gain access to the next area. The game even features a cleverly designed challenge act in the jungle world that uses a combination of these items to win you some extra goodies.


Chameleon Run is a unique, fast and challenging auto-runner that combines a colorful twist with expertly crafted levels that will have you running back for more. Using the simple tap-and-switch mechanic, your little sprinter changes between yellow and purple body colors to match the ground as you jump from platform to platform.

It’s an extremely addictive and rewarding game to play, despite a mere handful of levels. Its replay value comes from repeatedly tackling different challenges, such as collecting marbles or finding smoking gems.

You can also complete challenges to earn chameleon tokens, which will be used to unlock new levels. It’s a clever way to keep the levels fresh and challenge you without the usual f2p cycle.

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