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Creaks Game Review

December 2, 2022

Whether you’ve already played Creaks or haven’t, this is a great article to read about it. It covers everything from the story, to the visuals, to the audio. It also covers the different levels and the puzzles that you can expect to see.

Level design

Designed by Czech studio Amanita Design, Creaks is a puzzle platformer that leans into the surreal and leans into the horror. It takes the best parts of two different genres, puzzle and platform games, and mixes them in to create a game that’s both satisfying and surprisingly difficult.

The game’s biggest achievement is the fact that it’s got a solid story, with interesting puzzles and unique monsters. It’s also got a nice art style and audio visual presentation.

Creaks is designed for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and was released on 22 July 2020. It’s an imaginative game that leans into the horror genre and has an elaborate world to explore. The art and puzzles aren’t bad, and the game is a worthy addition to the Amanita Design roster.


Developed by Czech studio Amanita Design, Creaks is a puzzle game that features self-contained puzzles. These puzzles involve a number of unique monsters and inanimate objects. These objects can be manipulated to help you advance.

The puzzles aren’t overly complex. They aren’t overly simple either. There are a few key ideas that are used in different ways.

One is the ability to manipulate light. By turning on a light, you can turn enemies into household objects, which can then be used as an obstacle or a trap. You can also use artificial light to herd creatures into place.

The other is the use of trumpet solos and tweets to deliver interactions. Creaks’ denizens also have unique movement patterns and attack abilities. This means that you’ll often have to lure them into a trap before you can use them to your advantage.


Developed by Czech studio Amanita Design, Creaks is a point-and-click puzzle game with a darkly imaginative visual spectacle. In this story, a man stumbles into a labyrinthine subterranean kingdom, where giant monsters lurk and bird-people squawk.

Creaks starts out with an unnamed character sitting at a desk. After a disturbance shakes the house, ripping off the wallpaper, the protagonist discovers a hidden passageway to a labyrinthine subterranean town. He discovers that a giant monster is lurking inside and is threatening the kingdom.

The character then discovers a rickety ladder buried deep underground. The character climbs down and uncovers a metal door leading to a secret passageway. He also discovers a flickering light bulb in the room. He goes to investigate and finds himself in a secret passageway within a massive mansion.


Despite being a point and click adventure game, Creaks has some very impressive audio design. Creaks’ soundtrack is full of rousing beats, and its songs increase in intensity as the player progresses.

Creaks’ visuals are stunning, with hand drawn levels and a colourful palette that can’t be ignored. Creaks’ soundtrack is the game’s crown jewel, as it’s able to change in tone on a dime. It’s also a testament to Amanita’s ability to set the right mood for the game.

Creaks is a great example of how games can be made with an eye toward both aesthetics and storytelling. In the case of Creaks, the story involves a young man who discovers a mysterious door leading into a mysterious, subterranean kingdom. Once inside, he has to find out why the room is shaking.


Described as a puzzle-platformer, Creaks is a darkly imaginative visual spectacle. Creaks features an unsettling atmosphere, bizarre visuals and hand-drawn artwork.

The plot of Creaks follows a young man who discovers a mysterious door leading into a subterranean kingdom. He climbs down a ladder to investigate the secret hole. As he begins his journey, he encounters a number of hostile creatures and villains.

Creaks’ visuals are a wonderful combination of gothic style and hand-drawn artwork. The game’s environment is made up of abandoned workshops, libraries and crumbling places of worship. It is constructed in such a way that the player can explore the world with ease.

The soundtrack features an eerie melodies and rousing beats. The score increases in intensity as the player solves the puzzles.

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