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Crosswords For Kids 1 Game Review

January 31, 2023

Crosswords For Kids 1 Game Review

Kids love puzzles, and these games are a great way to help them build their logical reasoning skills. Plus, they also improve their vocabulary and spelling skills.

If you’re looking for a puzzle app for your kids, check out Crosswords for Kids 1. It’s easy to use and has multiple hinting systems to suit your child’s needs.

1. Nouns and Adjectives

Crosswords are a great way to help kids develop their vocabulary. They can also improve their reading and spelling skills.

A great app for kids who are learning to read is this one, which has a grid of pictures that you have to match with a word. It’s easy to use and has hints if you get stuck.

2. Opposites

The Crosswords for Kids 1 app offers a handful of puzzles to choose from. It also has a handy hint system and a timer to keep you on task. It is most suited to children aged 4-8. Best of all, it is self-contained so you can take it with you on the go. The app can even be played offline. It uses a standard Apple system keyboard or an external Bluetooth keyboard.

3. Shapes

Shapes are one of the important concepts that kids need to understand. Learning about shapes helps them to identify the sides and vertices of different objects, as well as their names.

Using games for learning shapes can be fun and interactive for children. These games can also help them learn the features of geometric shapes such as their number of sides, vertices and so on.

4. Animals

Kids will love the different animals on offer here. There’s something for everyone here, from the more common barnyard animals to forest dwellers and dinosaurs too.

The game is also very well-made, with a great variety of puzzles on offer as well as meaningful settings for parents to tweak with and some excellent voiceovers. All of it comes together very well here and will keep children occupied for hours on end!

5. School Supplies

Crosswords are fun, challenging and teach a host of lexical skills. If you have young children and a love for puzzles then this is the app for you.

Unlike traditional crosswords, this one comes with picture clues. There is also a timer and hint system to help you out. The app even works offline, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

6. Colours

Boost your child’s knowledge about colours by solving this crossword puzzle. Each puzzle has a large color word piece and three smaller pictures to match each color.

Getting kids to solve crosswords helps them improve their vocabulary, spelling and reading skills. It also encourages them to think. It develops focus, persistence and patience.

7. Bathroom

This nifty app is self-contained and works offline, so families can play it on the go. It also has a few cool tricks up its sleeve, including a timer and a clever way to show letters to the screen. The best part is it is fun without being a chore. This is a game that deserves a spot in your pocket. The app is definitely the best on the go puzzle game.

8. Kitchen

Crosswords for Kids 1 is a crossword game with a hint system. It is a great way to develop vocabulary, spelling and reading skills.

This app has 48 puzzles that cover many different categories, including animals, food and clothes. It is a great educational app for kids 3-10 years old and adults learning English as a second language. It also works offline.

9. Clothes

Clothing serves a variety of functions, including protection against weather, toxic chemicals, insect bites, and other hazards. It may also signal social status or be used as adornment.

This is a great game to help kids improve their vocabulary of the types of clothes we wear everyday. It contains practice words like jeans, t-shirt, skirt and sandals.

10. Transport

If you are looking for a fun way to teach your child new words, crosswords can be a great way to do it. The puzzles in this app are designed to be easy to understand, and they come with hints to help you out.

This transport themed jigsaw puzzle is packed with colorful graphics and playful animations, making it perfect for young children. It features 46 jigsaw puzzles set in 7 different scenes, with 5 difficulty levels to suit all players.

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