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Dead Cells iPhone Game Review

November 25, 2022

Dead Cells iPhone Game Review

Whether you’re a fan of horror, a lover of puzzle games or just a prankster, Dead Cells is a fun game that’s sure to keep you busy for hours. If you’re looking for a great iPhone game, you should check it out!

It’s a great experience on iOS

Among the best iOS games of recent years, Dead Cells combines fast-paced action and Metroidvania-style dungeon mazes to great effect. The game also incorporates elements of the Dark Souls series.

In the game, players will explore a gloomy island, battling monsters and collecting items along the way. They will also need to upgrade their weapons to withstand the onslaught. The game isn’t overly difficult, but it does require some patience and precision to get through all of the levels.

The game’s touch controls are good, though they aren’t as tight as those in more conventional games. The controls are also inaccessible in some areas. That’s not to say the game isn’t enjoyable, however.

Dead Cells features partially procedurally generated levels, which add a nice touch to the experience. The game also incorporates a permadeath system, which means that after each death, players have to start over. This may be a plus if you’re new to the game, but it can be a drawback if you’re a seasoned veteran.

It’s a great blend of genres

Whether you’re a fan of the roguelike genre or you’re a fan of the metroidvania genre, Dead Cells is the game for you. Combining these genres, this game offers dozens of unlockable weapons, a fast-paced combat system, and endless replayability.

Aside from the gameplay, the game is also filled with gorgeous visuals and music. The soundtrack of Dead Cells is great and features music from some of the most beloved fantasy games.

The game offers a rewarding reward loop, where you receive points for killing enemies and finding cells. You can use these points to purchase items and upgrade your cell. You can also unlock new abilities and items on later runs. The game is a good way to spend dozens of hours of your time.

You can play the game for as little as ten hours or as long as thirty hours. The game has an optional challenge system that gives players an extra sense of progression. You can also earn extra points for speedrunning.

It’s punishing but it’s never boring

Taking a cue from both the Metroid series and the rogue-like genre, Dead Cells is a rogue-like action-adventure with a lot to offer. There are multiple areas, a lot of content and a ton of upgrades. Combined with the great music, awesome graphics and an engrossing storyline, Dead Cells is a game that is worth the buy.

In Dead Cells, you play as a slime-like creature inside a headless body. You’ll take on a variety of enemies, learn new skill sets, and use a variety of weapons to defeat them. Your character can also earn perks, which can boost health, defense, or ranged weapon damage. The game also features an auto-hit mode, which lets you shoot arrows at enemies without having to press buttons.

Unlike other rogue-like titles, Dead Cells features a permadeath cycle. Every time you die, you lose all of your items. This means you have to figure out a new way to beat these monsters.

It’s a game of repetition

Described as a “rogue-lite platformer”, Dead Cells has a fast paced combat style and is reminiscent of games such as Binding of Isaac, Spelunky, and Rogue Legacy. Despite its rogue-lite nature, Dead Cells is an action-packed game, with dozens of hours of gameplay.

As a game of repetition, Dead Cells encourages players to repeatedly try and reach the top of its levels. While this is not always a bad thing, it can feel unappealing. Fortunately, Dead Cells is also a game of great variety, with a wide range of abilities and weapons that players can unlock along the way.

Unlike most roguelikes, Dead Cells is not an exploration-focused game. Instead, the player’s goal is to escape the prison island and find a new life. While the levels themselves are simple, players will have to deal with obstacles, enemies, and challenges to reach their goals. These challenges will give them the opportunity to collect cells, which can be used to unlock new abilities and weapons.

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