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Dragon City Mobile on iPhone

January 29, 2023

Dragon City Mobile on iPhone

Dragon City Mobile is a social network game that is free to play. It’s developed and published by Social Point. It offers players a variety of features to enhance their experience, including quests, rewards, and an alliance feature.

1.600 unique dragons

If you want to expand your dragon collection, then Dragon City Mobile is the game for you. It allows you to create and breed over 1,600 unique dragons, which can help you complete quests, acquire rewards and participate in events. This game is available for iOS and Android devices, and you can even play it in your browser.

You can earn new dragons and gold by participating in different events. There are also PvP arenas that let you battle other players. Plus, you can collect rare monsters and build your city on floating islands.

In addition, there are dozens of quests that challenge your mind. The coolest part is that they are free.

As you level up and earn more gold, you can purchase and upgrade your buildings. These buildings can be used to feed and train your dragons, and provide them with shelter and habitats. Aside from the standard buildings, there are farms and habitats that you can build and use to harvest various crops.

Alliance feature

If you are looking for a game that offers unlimited gold, food, gems, and everything else, then Dragon City is the perfect choice for you. The game is free to download and play, and offers a variety of unique features.

First, you must create an account. You will be prompted to choose your Facebook account. After creating an account, you will be able to play the game on your Windows or Android device.

Using your Facebook account, you can interact with other players in the Trading Hub and Union Chat. These features are great ways to get XP for your dragon and earn some great rewards.

Alliances are another important feature of the game. They can be a tricky way to advance in the game. Joining an active alliance can be a tough task, however, there are benefits to being part of an alliance.

When you join an alliance, you can trade orbs with other members of the union. Your dragons will also gain extra health, attack power, and strength.


Dragon City is an incredibly popular mobile game. There are over 450 million players around the world competing in this game. It has been updated with new content, challenges, tournaments, and dragons.

It also features a PvP arena. As time passes, your missions get harder. This will lead to better rewards and dragons.

Dragon City is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. The game offers hundreds of dragons and an array of features. For starters, you can feed and train them. You can also breed your own dragons.

In addition to this, the game offers an array of special events. Some of these include the Colosseum building, a colossal battle quest.

You can also use dragons to complete special missions and collect items. These items are not available to all players, but may be obtained with enough gold.

You can also purchase dragons, buildings, and habitats. Each one has its own characteristics. Buying new islands will provide you with more space to decorate.


There are a number of different rewards that you can earn in Dragon City Mobile on iPhone. You can earn gems and other special items. You can also participate in various events to earn more items.

Creating a dragon farm is a big challenge. It takes a lot of time to build the city and get all the resources needed. If you want to grow your dragon city, you should be patient and take care of it.

Keeping your eggs healthy and feeding them regularly will help you raise more dragons. Each dragon has its own habitat and requires special buildings. Once your dragon is grown, you can breed them and create new species. These new creatures will look up to you.

The dragons you have in your collection are powerful beings. Their goal is to protect the human realm from evil wizardry. They need powerful characters to aid them in their mission.

In Dragon City, you can train your dragons and join alliances to fight other players. By winning battles, you will earn gems.

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