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Dragon Quest II Game Review

December 10, 2022

Dragon Quest II Game Review

DRAGON QUEST II is an exciting game that has a lot of unique features and is definitely worth checking out if you are into this type of games. The graphics are stunning and the combat system is very good as well. The story line is intriguing and the characters are well developed.

Character development

During the development of Dragon Quest II, the team had some concerns with certain aspects of the game. These included the battle system and the party system. This meant that the team had to make some adjustments to the gameplay.

One of the major changes in the game was the character development. The characters were redesigned to look more like classic Dragon Quest protagonists. However, some of the characters were cut from the story.

Some of the cut characters include Michelle, Jasper, and Sylvando. In Arc 2, the development of Hendrik was also cut. The character was a bit overshadowed by the colorful Dragon Quest 11 cast.

Other changes included the script, which updated names of spells and items. The redesigned game has an Elizabethan English style.

The game has a lot of unique areas. It also makes excellent use of the DS’s limited graphical capabilities. The game includes several CG movies and is one of the best-looking titles on the DS.

Combat system

Unlike other JRPGs that have used command/turn based systems, Dragon Quest II utilized a more strategic approach to combat. This method combines the use of items, spells, and attack methods in order to win the battle.

There are three basic types of attacks. The physical attack involves hitting an enemy with a weapon. There are also spells that can smite enemies. In addition, there are special attacks such as a Meteoric Rise, which inflicts huge damage on all the monsters in the vicinity.

Dragon Quest II’s combat system is not without its shortcomings. It can be tedious and there are unnecessary backtrackings. Additionally, the game is overly lengthy due to the excessive number of enemy encounters.

Some of the best moves in the game involve mastery of timing. There are also some other cool tricks you can use, including a catapult, which lets you hit an enemy from range. There are also pellets, which deal different types of damage. Some of the pellets have healing effects, and some buff your allies.


Despite its many issues, Dragon Quest II is still a fun game to play. It features an excellent story and interesting world to explore. It also offers a quick save feature that allows players to restart at any point in the game. This makes it perfect for commuting, or playing on breaks at work.

The graphics of Dragon Quest II are also more polished. The backgrounds look great and the landscapes are colourful. The towns are all unique. The character sprites are more detailed and smooth-looking. The music is still a bit odd.

The battle system is also updated. You can attack several enemies and fight different slimes. When you harvest an outcrop of rocks, you’ll receive an extra item. You can also earn special items by completing optional side stories.

However, the caves in Dragon Quest II are a bit hard to navigate. The endgame crawl is especially tricky. It’s usually considered the toughest dungeon in the series.


Originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987, Dragon Quest II was developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix. It is the sequel to the first game in the series and is set 100 years after the original.

The story begins with the sacking of the Moonbrooke kingdom by a corrupt cleric. The prince of Midenhall, a descendant of the legendary hero, is spurred to action. Along with his cousins, he sets off on a quest to stop the new evil Hargon.

The prince is joined by his brother, the prince of Cannock, and the exiled princess of Moonbrooke. Their journey is a test of their bloodline. They will need to find two of their cousins to help them fight off the new evil.

The game introduces the “party system”, allowing players to control more than one character. Each member has a distinct power and can use different weapons and magic items. There are also three inventory sets, giving players more flexibility.

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