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Duck Life on iPhone

February 26, 2023
Duck Life on iPhone

Duck Life on iphone is a duck racing game that lets you raise your own pet duck and train it to become the world’s champion racer. It’s all about training strength, health, speed and special attack abilities before you battle against other ducks.

Duck training sessions give your duck experience in specific skills like running, swimming, flying and jumping. These skills are essential for winning racing tournaments.


Duck Life on iphone is an adventure game where you’ll train your duck to compete in races and tournaments. You’ll have to run, swim, fly, climb and jump in order to make your duck a skilled racer.

You’ll also need to feed your duck in order to boost its energy. This will enable it to run faster and more efficiently.

In the 2017 update, you can now customize your duck, including its eye type and haircut. You can also choose from several different colors and designs.

The gameplay is similar to that of the original Duck Life, but it has been revamped and includes new features. In addition, there are many new areas to explore and new ducks to battle with.

Training sessions

Training sessions are an important part of the gameplay in Duck Life on iphone. They will allow you to improve your duck’s skills in running, flying, swimming and climbing.

Once you have trained your duck’s skills to a high enough level, you can enter tournaments. In a tournament, you’ll face off against NPCs in races based on the four abilities you’ve been training for.

Before entering a race, it’s important to boost your duck’s energy level. This will help it last longer in the competition.

Mini games

Duck Life on iphone is a fun game where you train your pet duck to compete in races. Practicing different skills like running, swimming, climbing, and flying will help your duck become an expert racer.

There are 15 mini games for you to play in order to level up your duck and become the best racing champion ever! As you progress, your duck will compete in tournaments against rivals, discover exciting worlds and learn new skills.

When you play a mini game, you might see coins scattered around the screen. It might seem tempting to collect these, but this will only make you lose your focus and distract from the actual task.


In Duck Life on iphone, you can compete in racing tournaments across a variety of different worlds. Each area has a series of practice races and one three-race tournament that focuses on a particular skill (for example, the Swamp has a lot of swimming in its races).

In all of these areas you can find trainers who will help you improve your duck’s skills. Some will focus on one specific area (like the Swamp), while others will teach several skills, like running and flying.

In every area there is a way to buy seed, which will increase your duck’s energy level. This is a permanent increase and is useful for longer races.

Collecting coins

Duck Life on iphone is a series of games where you train your duck for races and battles. You can earn money by winning these races and tournaments.

Training sessions involve playing a series of minigames that increase your duck’s running, swimming, and flying abilities. You can also collect coins while you’re training.

For example, you can practice swimming by jumping into the water and hitting spikes that appear on either side of the screen.

The most important skill in a race is energy, and you can increase it by buying seeds using your coins. This can be done by tapping the pink icon on the far left of any area and dragging your duck to the platform to eat the seeds.

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