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Evertale Review

February 27, 2023

Evertale Review

Evertale is a game that takes you to a fairytale world where you have to fight with dark forces. The game features a lot of different monsters and you can also train them to improve their skills.

Its story is really interesting and the graphics are impressive too, but it can be hard to keep track of everything. Ultimately, it could lead to you using in-app purchases to make steady progress.


Evertale has pixelated graphics that look similar to the Mario and Nes series, but it also combines some cartoon influences to make it more unique. It’s a great mix of style, and you’ll enjoy seeing it in action.

The game is set in a fantasy world called Erden, which is plagued by a curse known as Pandemonium. In order to defeat this, you must build a team of heroes and monsters that will battle against the forces of evil.

Capture wild creatures and summon them to your army. They range from robots to dragons to skeletons and more, with each one of them having their own unique skills.

You can also train them to become more powerful, and evolve them into new forms. It’s a great way to customize your party and get the most out of your experience.


Evertale is a new game from ZigZaGame that combines the best of Pokemon and Final Fantasy into one gorgeous pixelated world. It follows an adventurer as he sets out to save the land of Erden from an ancient curse called Pandemonium.

As players progress through the story, they’ll meet a wide variety of characters and monsters. They can capture, train, and evolve them to a greater power or even to different forms.

But what’s important is that they’re not just collecting and training them; they’re also fighting them in battle, and it’s up to you to figure out which creatures will work the best with your party.

You’ll need to have a full roster of 8 creatures and characters in your team, and you won’t be able to use the same monster at once. That’s why it can take a while to build a strong lineup, and the game’s cost system helps you keep your party balance in check.


Combat is one of the strongest features in Evertale, a game that can be challenging at times but also enjoyable to master. Players fight, catch, and train dozens of monsters as they explore Erden, a fantasy world plagued by a curse called Pandemonium.

Combat in Evertale is simple to pick up, but mastering it requires careful consideration of the abilities of every character. You’ll need to know what moves you can use and when to take them, as well as the effects they have on your Team Spirit (how much damage you take) and other elements like HP and recovery time.

Combat is similar to Pokemon, with players catching monsters by walking around thick grass and fighting them in turn-based battles until they’re worn down enough to be caught and added to their party. After a certain amount of time, monsters can be trained to evolve into new forms.


Replayability is an important aspect of any game, but in Evertale it’s especially crucial. The game is designed to be played multiple times, so it’s not only important to make progress quickly but also to keep going when you lose.

To do this, you need to fight battles and collect monsters as you move through six regions of Erden, a fantasy world plagued by an ancient curse called Pandemonium. During these battles, you’ll need to make use of information about each character’s abilities and elements like energy levels and team spirit to decide your moves.

The combat in Evertale is easy to understand, but challenging to master. This is due to its unique skill-tracking system, which allows you to gain experience and level up your character’s HP and skills. Despite the challenges, the game has some great rewards for players who can master its complex combat.

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