Feature: Top 5 Wii to iPhone wish list

With the Wii sharing accelerometer similarities with the iPhone, we thought we’d browse through the current Wii games line up and share with you a top five Wii games that we think should come to iPhone. Due to Nintendo publishing their 1st party titles only on Nintendo platforms. We are sticking with 3rd party published Wii games only.

Here goes:

Smokin’ at number 5… its Cooking Mama: Cook Off

Cooking Mama started out on the DS and is now available on the Wii. The Game involves following recipes and managing ingredients to make the perfect meal. We think the combination of the touch and tilt of the iPhone would be a great control scheme for some Cooking action.


Ohh Matron!… Trauma Center clocks in at number 4

Another DS game that’s been ported over to Wii. You play a surgeon in this Medical Drama simulation. You’ll need to cure patients of life-threatening situations all the while keeping a calm head under the pressures of the operating theatre. The touch function of the iPhone would allow you to slice open patients and clean up wounds in no time. Nice!


Bouncing in at number 3… its the Raving Rabbids!

Raving Rabbids debuted on the Wii at launch. Set in Ubisoft’s Rayman universe, the game featured many mini games designed to make the most of the pointer and accelerometer features of the Wii. Games included: picking maggots out of a Rabbids brain; Cow tossing; on rails shooting; and on foot racing plus many more. We think that a mini game package would be perfect for the pick up and play nature of the iphone. Bring on the Rabbids!


Rotting away at number 2… is House of the Dead

House of the Dead first appeared in the arcades in 1996. The on rails light gun shooter, requiring you to survive wave after wave of the undead, has been re-released on Wii of late, making the most of the Zapper attachment for the Wii remote. A version of the shooter on iPhone would be great fun. Using your finger or tilt to aim (the onrails aspect making movement automated), and then tapping the screen to shoot? Zombie-tastic!


Speeding in at number 1… is Sonic and the Secret Rings

Sonic has had bad press ever since his transition to 3D. Back in the 16Bit console era, Sonic the Hedgehog was second only to Mario in gamers hearts, but apart from a successful 2D remake on the Nintendo DS, his gaming adventures have been severely lacking in both speed and gameplay. On the Wii however, Sega decided to give him another shot in 3D and created ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings’. A Linear (almost on rails) platformer/racer which required you to steer Sonic at speed using the tilt function of the Wii remote. Since then Sonic has had somewhat of a rebirth, and with the upcoming cross platform title ‘Sonic Unleashed’ closely resembling Secret rings in style and play, and with the tilt function of the iPhone on par with that of the Wii. Then we think it’s time SEGA brings the prickly blue fella to our beloved jesus phone.


Special mention goes to Okami. Originally on PS2 but remade for Wii with wii remote controls, this Zelda-esque game features a beautiful japanese watercolour graphical style. With puzzles that require you to paint with a celestial brush, which directs you character through the world. However it didn’t quite meet our top 5 as we think some of the controls would be difficult for the iPhone to pull off meaning a cut back version of Okami, and maybe the adventure would be too long for the iPhone’s pick up and play appeal.

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