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First Words Animals on iPhone

February 26, 2023
First Words Animals on iPhone

First Words Animals on iPhone is a sophisticated learning app for toddlers that engages them, encourages exploration and helps them begin building a strong understanding of letters and words.

Featuring engaging animal artwork, amazing sounds and a user-interface designed for little fingers, First Words Animals is toddler tested and approved! It’s a powerful tool for learning, laughter and fun.

First Words for Baby

First Words for Baby is a great app to use for teaching your child their very first words. With high-definition images, professional pronunciation and a range of categories, this app is a perfect way for your child to start building their vocabulary.

It is a simple and intuitive game that is easy for babies to play on their own, but can also be played by parents. With a variety of games, including animal and object matching, balloon popping, musical learning modes and more, it will keep your little one busy for hours!

This educational app encourages expressive language skills, phonics, speech and motor development. You can also track your child’s progress through the different games.

First Words Deluxe

First Words Deluxe is a sophisticated learning tool that engages your child and helps them build a solid foundation for learning letters and words. It features a user interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers, colorful artwork and amazing sound effects.

The app’s most impressive feat is its ability to teach kids about letter sounds (phonics), letter names and how to spell a word all at the same time. This is done through a series of games that are designed to replicate the ‘look, say, cover, write and check’ process used in many primary schools.

It also comes with a few nifty options, including visual hints and different letter order settings. It can be used as a first word game for toddlers or a phonics trainer for early readers and budding spellers.

First Words for Kids

First Words Animals is a fun, educational tool for toddlers and kids to learn letters and words. Its colorful illustrations are matched with entertaining sounds, making it a perfect way for kids to enjoy learning while having fun.

The app comes with a set of animal words for kids to practice spelling, and you can buy more word sets to unlock new ones. It also has an option to switch to a second language, which helps children develop their reading skills in other languages.

This app also teaches letter sounds through two levels of Synthetic Phonics, which involves linking individual letter and letter combinations to their appropriate sound and blending (drawing the individual sounds together to make a word). You can adjust the level of difficulty with the three different hint alternatives plus five more settings that increase the challenge as your child learns.

First Words Animals is toddler-tested and approved, with a user interface designed specifically for the littlest of fingers. It is a sophisticated learning instrument that engages and encourages exploration, introducing your child to the romantic relationships between letters and words.

First Words for Toddlers

First Words Animals on iPhone is an educational game for toddlers that teaches them the basics of language by introducing everyday words. Kids will love this app for its fun animations, realistic sounds and high-quality pictures that keep them engaged.

It also helps children to identify colors, animals, body parts and numbers with simple touch-screen gameplay. Moreover, the app features offline play songs and exclusive new content.

Designed by a speech pathologist, the Feed Maxi app promotes expressive/receptive language, pragmatic language (e.g. – requesting, commenting), following directions, sign language and pretend play among many other skills.

The cute monkey shows a range of feelings that your child can label and laugh at, which is a foundation for imitation of facial expressions and words.

This colorful and ad-free game is designed to teach toddlers the basics of vocabulary by introducing everyday words. It features over a hundred words, including colors, animals, body parts and numbers.

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