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Fun and Learning With KIDOZ Learning Games for Kids

February 15, 2023

Fun and Learning With KIDOZ Learning Games for Kids

With KIDOZ, children can play a variety of fun and educational learning games on their smartphones. KIDOZ also provides a kid-friendly app store, a kids-safe browser, and offline support.

These fun and educational learning games are great for helping your child learn about math, phonics, shapes, colors, numbers and much more. They’re sure to keep your child engaged for hours.

Phonics & Alphabet

Phonics is a vital skill to learn as it helps young children decipher unfamiliar words and read fluently. Generally taught between pre-K and grade 2, phonics helps kids identify and sequence letters, identify letter sounds and practice reading and rhyming words.

A great way to introduce phonics is with fun phonics games for kids online. These interactive games are ideal for teaching a child to recognize the letter sounds and phonics combinations of words such as trigraphs, initial and ending consonant blends, bossy R, soft sounds and more!

KIDOZ offers several fun phonics and alphabet games for kids. These interactive games can be played at home, in the classroom or during road trips.


Children need to be able to identify and name colors as early as possible. This is important because it helps them communicate better and develop their cognitive skills.

There are many fun ways to introduce kids to color learning. Some activities are simple, while others require more attention and effort.

1. The Color Circles Game: This activity is one of the most entertaining and improves children’s social-emotional development.

2. The Color Match and Colors Sorting Games: This is a fun activity to help kids practice color recognition and develop motor skills.

3. The Color Mixing Activity: This is a great way to teach kids how different colors mix and form other colors.

Fill two large buckets with various colored blocks. Then call out a color and have the child run to grab the correct block to bring back to you.


Shapes are figures that define the outline or boundary of an object. They are classified as closed shapes and open shapes based on their properties.

One way to teach kids about shapes is to give them a chance to play a variety of shape games for toddlers and preschoolers. This helps to build their understanding of different shapes while also providing a fun way to practice math skills.

One popular game that teaches kids shapes is the classic “I Spy” activity. Simply hide five cutouts of different shapes around your home in easy or difficult spots, depending on your child’s age and ability.


Numbers can be an important part of your child’s education. They can help children understand and learn basic math concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

This app includes a collection of games that will help kids practice counting and learning about numbers. They will also have fun learning about the sounds of numbers and how to use them in words.

This game is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten students. It involves placing a unique textured item in a box and asking children to identify the name of that item based on their touch senses.


Words are arbitrary collections of sounds, arranged in a recognizable order and given semantic meaning by a person or community. The meanings can change over time as a culture changes, or are modified grammatically to give them specific roles in a sentence.

They are a fundamental element of our language and can make possible all manner of communication, whether written or electronic. They are a vital part of our social and emotional lives, and learning to use words effectively is an essential skill for all children.

KIDOZ has a range of fun word games that can help your child learn new words and improve their reading and writing skills. These educational games will encourage your kids to expand their vocabulary and spelling, while also helping to boost their confidence and build their self-esteem.

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