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Game Dev Tycoon – Start Your Own Gaming Studio and Create Your Own Games

February 7, 2023

Game Dev Tycoon – Start Your Own Gaming Studio and Create Your Own Games

Game Dev Tycoon is a Microprose-style game where you start your own gaming studio and create your own games. Unlike other business-types, video game companies need large upfront investments in capital and labor before products can be sold to the public.

To build a successful company, you need to make sure your employees are well balanced. You need employees that focus on design and technology.

Start With a Garage

Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation that puts you in control of a video game company. You start out in a garage with no employees and limited money, but as you unlock new options and create your first games, your game development skills improve.

As you progress through the game, you’ll begin to hire employees and move into larger offices. At this point, you can begin to develop medium sized games.

In addition, you can upgrade your office and research new technologies. This will help you build your own gaming engine and invent new game types.

Developing your own games is a great way to earn cash and develop your own style of game design. You can decide whether you want to focus on story, quests or gameplay.

Hire Employees

Game Dev Tycoon is a fun and engaging simulation where you get to experience the history of game development first-hand. From the passionate garage studios of the 80s to the hundred person mega-devs of today, it’s your job to hire the right team and create the best games possible.

When it comes to hiring employees, it’s important to choose people with balanced skills in research, design and technology. For your first two staff members, it’s a good idea to have someone with full research and another with full design.

Once you’ve hired a few staff, you can start to build your gaming empire and grow your business. As you progress through the game, new technologies and development options open up to you, enabling you to create the games you want.

Upgrade Your Office

If you’re a fan of business simulation games then Game Dev Tycoon is a title worth checking out. Launched back in 2012 this tycoon game allows you to build a gaming empire as well as developing the games themselves and has become one of the highest rated titles in its genre.

The strategy behind Game Dev Tycoon is very simple and focuses on the various stages of game development. This includes picking a platform, releasing the right game and ensuring it has the correct market share to boost your sales. It also involves marketing, choosing the right genre and theme and implementing the best game mechanics.

Research New Technologies

Creating your own games and gaming consoles in Game Dev Tycoon is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s an excellent simulation game for both new and experienced gamers, letting you replay the history of the gaming industry as you build your own studio in the 80s.

As you create games and build your gaming studio, you’ll earn research points to unlock more topics and technologies. This will help you unlock more options for your gaming engine and improve your employees’ skills.

You’ll also need to research new technologies in Game Dev Tycoon, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Extended Reality (AR & VR). AI is used for image and speech recognition, navigation apps, personal assistants, ride-sharing and much more.

AR and VR are trending technology trends that simulate reality through virtual and augmented devices. These technologies are currently popular in gaming, filters on social media, and training software. They are expected to continue to grow and offer more job opportunities in the coming years.

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