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GTA Liberty City Stories Review

January 29, 2023

GTA Liberty City Stories Review

If you’re looking to play GTA Liberty City Stories, you might want to consider a few points before you get started. This is because, depending on where you’re starting from, it may have an effect on your experience. For example, it might be important to find out where you’re going to stay, how much it’ll cost you, and whether or not you’ll need a cab. You’ll also need to know what the city is like in terms of the mafia families, public transportation, and taxi companies.

Mafia families

GTA Liberty City Stories features five different Mafia families. They are the Leone, Forelli, Pegorino, Lupisella, and Gambetti Families.

The Leone Family is headed by Salvatore Leone. He is an old-school, sleazy mafioso with an affinity for conspiracy theories. Eventually he takes over Liberty City and makes it his own. However, his family is threatened by the Colombian Cartel.

Toni Cipriani, the caporegime of the Leone Crime Family, aims to make his way up the right-hand man of Salvatore. His rise is complicated by mayors who don’t cooperate with him and by the Old Country Mafia families who want in on the action.

The Pegorino Family is based on the real-life DeCavalcante Family. Their power is a bit less than the Lupisella Family. In Grand Theft Auto IV, they disrupt the Messina Family’s rackets for Yusuf Amir.

The Gambetti Family is loosely based on the real-life Gambino Crime Family. They have strong ties to City Hall. But they are also threatened by non-Italian gangs. Ultimately, they are defeated by their enemies.

Public transportation

GTA Liberty City Stories takes place in the year 1998. It is the prequel to the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy. Although it doesn’t have airplanes, players can use buses as vehicles.

Public transportation is an important feature in the game. A player can get around Liberty City in style, but the best way to get from one point to another is probably to take the bus.

In addition to buses, the game features a train and two helicopters. There are also several power ups. Using a bus isn’t too difficult, though its handling isn’t ideal.

The Brute Bus is an LTA owned vehicle with a light grey color scheme. It has a modern look and slanted side windows. They also have a distinctive logo and tag lines.

While the Brute Bus is a good vehicle to ride in, it is not a must-have. Players are able to obtain other air vehicles by hacking.

Taxi companies

Taxi companies have been a staple of the GTA series. They have been included in GTA 1, GTA 2 and GTA 3. One of the more interesting aspects of GTA 3 was the ability to ride in a taxi. This was a big step forward from the first two installments.

While it’s not as easy as riding in a taxi, the GTA 4 mobile version allowed players to launch their own Taxi work. Using the new feature, players could call for a cab, choose their destination and tell the driver where they were going.

In addition to allowing players to drive a cab, GTA 4 also features a supercharged cab. This cab has many unique features. It can be used in a variety of missions and it even allows players to save their game.

The Borgnine Taxi is a modified version of the classic cab. It has spikes and blood.


Liberty City Stories is an action-adventure game. The game takes place in 1998. It is set in an open world and features a variety of activities. A majority of the missions are short and easy to complete.

In Liberty City Stories, the player’s character is Toni Cipriani, a member of the Leone Crime Family. He is involved in a power struggle between the city’s Mafia organizations. His motivation is financial success.

GTA III and Liberty City Stories are both action-adventure games. However, the plot of the games is different. In GTA Liberty City Stories, the plot focuses on Toni’s efforts to bring law and order back to the city.

The game is set three years before GTA III. Salvatore Leone, the head of the Leone family, is the only Mafia family still active in the city. But Salvatore has been targeted by rivals. To protect himself from these threats, Salvatore joins Toni to rescue Mayor O’Donovan.

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