Hands on: Cosmic One

Ian Dunlop from OE Fun sent us a preview build of a new game called ‘Cosmic One’…

The game is a match the symbol puzzle game, with the object of the game being to shoot for high scores and be placed on the online leader board. You are presented with a disc which contains three symbols. Using your thumb, left or right are supported, you must spin the disc to match up with the corresponding symbol falling from the top of the screen. After successfully capturing the correct amount of symbols you will level up, each level has a higher catch quota, and also gets faster. You can let the symbols fall at their own pace, or tap them to drop them. Dropping them speeds up the game and also gives you a higher score, but you are more likely to miss-match as the pace quickens. Cosmic One features a cool retro art style, and some good music and sound. The music reacts to your symbol matching, and speeds up or slows down accordingly to nice effect.

Overall it’s shaping up to be a fun puzzler. Currently, I think the game starts off too slow, and later it would be good to introduce more symbols on the disc. As well as add more music variety. Look out for a full review in the coming weeks.

The game is currently in the approval stage with Apple and should be released soon. For more information visit here.

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