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Hidden Folks Game Review

February 18, 2023

Hidden Folks is a unique hidden object game with a charming hand-drawn aesthetic. It feels like the animated Where’s Waldo you never knew you wanted.

You look over hundreds of hand-drawn, voiced animated pictures to find specific items from a list. Each item has a riddle-style clue to its location that helps you find it.


Hidden Folks is an enchanting seek-and-find game that combines cute art, whimsical animations, and over 960 mouth-generated sound effects. It’s a wonderful way to relax and de-stress in beautiful, hand-drawn worlds.

The gameplay is simple and accessible, with an interactive legend at the bottom of the screen centering on the people you’ve found. It’s easy enough for little ones to play and complex enough to keep parents engaged too.

Searching for people is a great activity for kids, as it teaches them to focus on details and be creative with their exploration. It’s also a nice way to get them involved in something different from TV.


Developed by Adriaan de Jongh, Hidden Folks is a seek-and-find puzzle game in the vein of Where’s Waldo. The game is split into five areas, including a forest, dry lands, city, and factory. The most exciting area is the aforementioned forest, which is where the fun begins as you navigate your way through a hand-drawn landscape littered with gimmicks. You’ll be most entertained by the hilarious and enlightening puzzles in this teeming maze of a forest that rewards the player with a hefty score bonus when it’s all said and done. Having a plethora of mini-games and a burgeoning number of challenges is sure to keep you on your toes for hours upon end. To get the most out of your gaming escapades, download the latest version of BlueStacks on your PC or Mac to experience a whole new dimension in mobile entertainment.


Hidden Folks is a unique and playful take on the hidden object genre. Featuring hand-drawn, interactive landscapes brimming with life and accompanied by mouth-created sound effects, it’s a joy to play.

The game’s gameplay is a simple affair: find a number of characters and objects in each scene by tapping around the screen. Each object has a tiny hint which helps you locate it, and if you find enough of them, you can progress to the next area.

Aside from finding the people and objects you’re looking for, each scene is bursting with life, from water ripples and animals to fish swimming and butterflies fluttering in the foliage. The cartoon-like images and clever use of mouth-created sounds add to the charm of Hidden Folks, resulting in a game that’s both fun and challenging to play.


Hidden Folks is a charming puzzle game that draws inspiration from the Where’s Waldo books you know and love. Taking the concept to an interactive, animated level, Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg have created an appealing and engaging game for mobile devices.

In Hidden Folks, players explore detailed, crowded drawings filled with thousands of tiny figures and objects. There’s a list of objects to find, and each has a clue to its location.


Hidden Folks is a relaxing diversion into beautifully-detailed, hand-drawn worlds. The concept is simple: search for people, animals, and objects in large illustrated landscapes. Clicking on items will make them interact with the scene through whimsical animations, from monkeys falling out of trees to boats sailing down a river to hay bales rolling across a field. Each area is accompanied by a strip of targets that reveal what to look for, and clicking on enough of them will unlock the next.

The game has recently received a major update, adding six new musically-themed areas to the mix. Developer Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg have also announced that all the DLC previously sold separately will now be free for owners. This price-hike will bring the total cost of the game to a still pretty reasonable $5.99, but the increase is fair considering that DLC that used to be sold for much more than $2 has now been folded into the base game.

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