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Hunting USA Review

February 9, 2023

Hunting USA Review

Hunting USA is an open world hunting simulator that lets you explore realistic environments across the US. You can go on a walk, ride an ATV, or boat over maps as large as 20 sq miles and track and spot game animals using calls, blinds, dogs, trail cameras and more.


Hunting USA is a realistic hunting simulator that lets players take part in large open world environments across the United States and Europe. With a variety of wildlife species such as deer, moose and bison, hunters can track down a vast array of animals using dogs, calls, trail cameras and blinds. A plethora of different shotguns, rifles and bows can be used to kill all sorts of game. Whether hunting on your own or with friends, this simulation is sure to keep you entertained for hours. The game features a campaign mode and a multiplayer coop mode, and a wide selection of weapons and accessories to buy in the game’s hunting lodge.


Hunting USA is a hunting simulator that features realistic open world environments across the United States. The game takes players on a journey to hunt and track small and big game animals like pheasant, quail, deer, boar, mountain lion, bear and moose.

When asked about hunting, most respondents agreed that it was acceptable to hunt for food; however, only 37% of people agree with trophy hunting. Responses were based on an online survey with 825 U.S. residents nationwide.

The results showed that those who knew hunters, participated in hunting-related activities or visited fairs or livestock operations had more favorable opinions on hunting and hunters. They also had more favorable opinions on the statements that hunting helps keep nature in balance, is an important rural tradition, maintains demand for habitat, provides funds for other wildlife species, reduces agricultural damage and reduces vehicle collisions.


Kirby Dick has become one of the documentary industry’s great muckrakers, and “The Hunting Ground” is another superb film that delves into a disturbing rape epidemic on American college campuses. Like his last film, “The Invisible War,” this is a resoundingly compelling piece of work.

A harrowing look at the predatory relationship between university students and their fraternities, it’s an important, powerful film that deserves a wide audience. Whether you’re a student, parent or faculty member, “The Hunting Ground” will shock you and leave you feeling empowered to change something.

The sound effects used in Hunting USA review are some of the best we’ve seen from this developer and range from subtle to impressive. Take a listen to the video below for some examples of how some of these were created!

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