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Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium Review

December 10, 2022

Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium Review

Whether you are looking for a fun new mobile game to play, or you are a fan of the popular franchise, Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium may be just the game for you. This free downloadable game features an Alien who eats fish, and is available on both iOS and Android. It also comes with a variety of different challenges, and you can choose to download the deluxe version, which includes additional content.


Originally released in 2001 for web-based Java, Insaquarium is a game that is designed to keep fish alive. The game has several different modes, including adventure and challenge, and each requires players to complete tasks to progress.

Insaquarium is an arcade style game that features cute, colorful fish. In the game, players must feed the fish and protect them from aliens. The game features colourful backgrounds, goofy sound effects, and simple, compelling puzzle gameplay.

The game features several types of fish, such as swordfish that fight aliens and momma fish that give birth to new goldfish. You can also get pets like seahorses that help to feed the fish. These pets also provide you with coins and jewels.

Insaquarium Deluxe is an arcade-style game that features fun, original gameplay. The game has several different game modes, including adventure, challenge, and virtual tank. The virtual tank mode allows you to do whatever you want in the aquarium.

Challenge mode

Unlike the other game modes, the Challenge mode in Insaquarium: Tap Aquarium is designed for the expert. It’s a game where the player must complete the level within the time limit. As the level progresses, the difficulty increases and the number of aliens that can be in the tank increases. Despite the challenges, the main goal remains the same.

The game is played in a virtual water tank, where the player has to feed and protect the fish from alien attacks. The game also has a secret sandbox mode, which allows players to spawn any type of pet.

The player can upgrade the food in the tank, allowing the fish to grow. This allows the fish to produce coins, which can be used to purchase more efficient supplies.

Alien eats fish

Having an alien eat your fish is a pain in the neck. The best defense is to buy more fish. But that’s just a matter of time and patience. That’s the only way to guarantee a long life for your aquatic buddies. And who knows, your new pet may even become your new best friend. The most important part is choosing the right kind of fish to begin with. And while it’s true that some species aren’t exactly friendly, most are well adapted. You can even tame them by feeding them a few treats a day.

Aside from the obvious choices, you’ll also find a few surprises in the tank. The most fun are the clownfish and other bottom-dwelling critters. These creatures are among the most tenacious in the sea. They are notably difficult to spot, and tend to be quite good at camouflage. They are most active at night.

Downloadable deluxe version

Designed by George Fan and programmed by Flying Bear Entertainment, Insaniquarium is a virtual pets simulator game that requires players to take care of aquatic creatures. The game features a tank filled with fish that you must protect from aliens. It also has several play modes. You must also feed the fish and collect money to purchase better food. You can buy more water animals and stronger lasers.

The game is available for both iOS and Android. It is free to download. You can also purchase the deluxe version for more features. The deluxe version is available for both iPad Mini and iPhone.

There are different tanks that you must protect. Each tank has its own unique appearance. Some of the tanks have a simple design while others have more complex tank setups. In tank 2, you can keep starcatchers, corals and sea shells.

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