Interview with DS Media Labs… creators of FLOverload and Light bikes

We sit down with Creative Director of DS Media Labs, Michael Dasch, for a quick chat about the iPhone as a gaming platform, and iPhone games in development.


What made you decide to develop games for the iPhone? 


We figured there are always people waiting… waiting for the bus, waiting for the train, waiting for your girl friend to pick out those new pair of shoes… Most people carry around 2 things whenever they are not in the house, their Wallet or Purse and their Mobile Phone… It’s the perfect way to kill time… Just seemed like it was the perfect platform…

Not to mention that the iPhone has just as many features as any mobile gaming device out there.

….and how have you found the process?


So far it’s fantastic, being a UI designer for over a decade it’s really nice to design stuff for something so new…

It’s really quite amazing all the things you are able to do with the iPhone, so from a designers point of view, there is really nothing you can’t do…

What is your favourite feature of the iPhone for gaming?


Obviously the multi touch ability, makes for a really hands on experience.

And very shortly I will most likely say the GPS location ability, It’s really going to allow developers and designer to create games that are truly unique and not so linear.

Are you a gamer, and if so what are you currently playing? (on any platform)


Oh yes!!! This is going to be a long list….


PC: Age of Conan… Really waiting for FallOut 3 to come out but not sure if im going PC or 360…

X-Box 360: Ninja Gaiden 2, Grand Theft Auto 4 & Assassins Creed (By far one of the best UI’s in a game i’ve seen in a long time)

PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4 – I actually just bought this system just for this game… It’s awesome !!!

Wii: Just about all the early Nintendo stuff… Zelda, Castlevainia, Metroid… Just cant stop playing the old 8-Bit & 16-Bit stuff…

The great part about being a designer is you can actually say that by playing a game you are doing research and getting inspiration… Hence the long list… =)

Tell us a bit about your new game ‘Light Bikes’. Why a TRON clone?


We just think it’s the Perfect Platform for this kind of multiplayer game…

Not to mention, who doesn’t like Tron!!! The LightCycle scene was just… Awesome !!!


You are developing a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game for iPhone, ‘Dark Age Of Reality (DAOR)’. How does ‘DAOR’ make the most of the iPhone’s unique features?

Well, the game itself revolves around the key features of the iPhone… GPS location based data is truly going to be the world.

Now we are still in development of a lot of the games’ dynamics, so a lot of the features are still hazy but what we can tell you is that it’s going to be one of the most unique game experiences anyone has every had…

This was actually the first game idea we had for the iPhone when it was first released… All of use have played MMO’s and as cool as they are it still feels like a game… What we wanted to do was make an MMO that encompasses true life experiences with a truly amazing game experience. What better platform than the iPhone to do it…


And finally, do you have any other game developments up your sleeves?


Yes we do have a few, the ones i can talk about are on our website currently and as we get them closer to completion, at least from a UI standpoint we will post them there, so make sure you frequently check our site.

Thanks for your time Michael!


Thank you guys so much!!! It’s really great to see so many sites dedicated to the iPhone Game Platform… We all feel it’s going to be a huge industry !!!

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