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Kittens Game Review

February 22, 2023

Kittens Game is a text-based incremental/clicker game where you manage a village of kittens as they acquire resources and unlock new technologies.

This game has a minimalist interface, which makes it easy to get started. You can feed and upgrade your kittens with just a few clicks, and it’s free to play without ads or microtransactions.


Kittens Game is a surprisingly deep incremental idle simulation with a deceptively adorable premise. The game begins by planting and harvesting catnip in a forest, then assigning kittens to jobs that gain them resources as the population grows.

It’s a slow, resource-heavy, babysitting-intensive game to start with, but eventually it becomes a more complex city simulation as you upgrade and add technology, and assign kittens to research things like space exploration, time travel, and metaphysical stuff.

The main challenge is that the kittens are lazy and will often only do a task if it requires a large amount of catnip. This means that you’ll need to make sure they’re generating plenty of it or assigning them to higher-end tasks that take more time.

The Refining resources system is pretty slick, too, with basic resources like catnip and wood refined at a very fast rate into more complex resources (like parchment, manuscripts, compendiums, and blueprints) that can be assigned to kittens. Ultimately, these upgrades can be very helpful.


The newest online slot from Thunderkick is a loveable game with cute cats, colourful yarns and a host of bonuses. Whether you’re on a desktop or a mobile device, this release is sure to be your favourite.

The graphics used in Kittens Game are very detailed and eye-catching. Its design is reminiscent of Japanese anime and looks very beautiful on a large screen.

In this game, you can play with a kitten and take care of it. You can change its appearance and name, and also feed it.

You can even make it fat or thin realistically. When it gets dirty, it will need a bath with lots of foam and bubbles!

The game is also educational, and will help your child improve their concentration, sound and visual memory. You can even practice your logic and pattern recognition skills.


Kittens Game is a match 3 puzzle game where you’ll play with a cute cat. Complete exciting match 3 levels and deliver food, suits and materials to decorate your mansion.

Your kittens need to be fed and played with regularly in order to survive. They also need to be given fresh water and a chance to escape.

Once you’ve unlocked a certain amount of resources, you can unlock Factories, which are much slower than clicking but allow kittens to work on higher-end tasks. Later on, you can assign kittens to specific resources, such as minerals or wood.

The game also accumulates temporal flux, which can be spent to speed up resource collection and the passage of time. This is a very late-game ability, though, and it’s not particularly useful.

Players also earn Achievements for having 50 kittens without dying and for letting 10 or 100 die, presumably as a form of Video Game Cruelty. The latter achievement has a border in red, indicating that it’s an Achievement Mockery and a Mark of Shame.


Kittens Game is a text-based Idle Game that has been updated many times since its original release in 2014. The core gameplay is fairly simple: Harvest catnip and build homes for kittens.

There are also other resources that are found in the forests, such as wood and minerals. The latter can be refined into more advanced materials, such as parchment and compendiums.

Refined resources can be crafted by clicking the item with your mouse. Some of these processes are very slow, but they can be done at a reasonable pace as you unlock Workshops and Factories.

Once you have a few Factories, you can assign kitten Engineers to refine your resources. These are significantly slower than just clicking them, but they allow kittens to focus on more complicated tasks.

As your kitten civilization develops, you’ll start trading with other races. Some – such as snake people and nagas – aren’t particularly friendly, but they’ll buy your resources in exchange for their minerals. Others – such as leviathans – are Elder Gods who’ll trade with you for Time Crystals, Black Liquid Sorrow, and Relics.

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