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Madden NFL 23 Mobile Review

December 3, 2022

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new mobile game or you’re a fan of football, you can count on Madden NFL 23 Mobile for a fun experience. The game comes with many features, including new features, peripherals, and even a Franchise mode. In this review, we’ll cover all of the main features of the game and what makes it a must-have for football fans.

New features

Throughout the past two years, Madden NFL has introduced new features to its gameplay. This year, it’s taking things to the next level. These new features include an updated gameplay system, improved scouting, and more franchise options. These updates are part of the new EA SPORTS(tm) Madden NFL 23 Football game. This new version is coming out in mid-August.

The new physics-based gameplay system, FieldSENSE(tm), will make the virtual gridiron more realistic. It will give players more control over their game in multiple positions, from running to tackling to throwing. It’s a system that will be implemented in every game mode.

FieldSENSE also introduces a throwing meter that gives players more control over where the ball is thrown. It also includes updated animation branching, which allows for course correction for missed tackles. This gives players more options to find holes in the defense.

Franchise mode

During EA Sports’ big announcement, they mentioned that Madden NFL 23 would include a new Franchise mode. This mode will let players play as an owner or a coach and will allow users to negotiate free agency deals with other teams.

Free agency is a key component to team building. It involves negotiation between players and teams and can alter the whole landscape of the NFL.

The free agency feature is one of the most important in Madden 23. During the Free Agency process, players can negotiate with other teams and trade players. They can also upgrade the coaching staff to increase the rate of development for certain positions. This will increase the player’s rating on gameday.

The new free agency feature in Madden NFL 23 also features a new player tagging system. Player tags are similar to player tags in other EA games, but these are more customizable and will also impact the players and teams they play for. The new system will let users customize tags such as “Award Winner”, “Franchise QB” and “Mentor” for example.

Passing controls

Getting the most out of “Madden NFL 23” Mobile Football game requires you to learn the correct passing controls. You will likely throw the ball dozens of times in a game, so it’s important to know how to properly aim it. This can make the difference between a successful catch and a defender intercepting your pass.

The game’s new skill-based passing mechanics are a big change from the past. The mechanics work in tandem with a new accuracy meter. The accuracy meter takes your eyes off the field and provides you with better control over the ball’s trajectory. The reticle indicates the precise area you’re trying to pass to.

The new passing system allows for more precise control than ever before. Players can tweak various settings to control the ball’s path and trajectory.


Defending NFL champion Los Angeles Rams headline the latest installment of the Madden NFL franchise. The game offers players authentic football action. It’s a great option for fans of the NFL, and its mobile-first aesthetics bring a whole new level of immersion.

The game’s passing system is much improved, and its fumbles are more realistic. It also adds a soft-season reset, which means that players can start fresh at the end of the season, and then come back to play during the upcoming season.

Players can also play as the Los Angeles Rams or a classic NFC or AFC roster. The game’s streamlined scouting and transaction logic make for a more immersive experience.

The game also adds a player-focused camera, which makes it much closer to the action. This means that players can dominate every snap.


Despite being the newest release in the Madden franchise, Madden NFL 23 has some bugs and glitches. This EA sports game has been the subject of much criticism since its release, and some of its best features have been removed.

The Connected Franchise mode in Madden NFL 23 allows players to create their own NFL universe and create rivalries. However, the mode is currently experiencing a bug. Some players are reporting that the mode is time traveling. This means that the game will try to play the previous game before the current one is played.

Another bug is that the player can’t save his scoreboards. This is a common issue in the franchise mode. However, the Connected Franchise mode may have a solution.

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