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Miner Tycoon – Big Dynamite Review

December 6, 2022
Miner Tycoon – Big Dynamite Review

Whether you’re a big gamer or just a casual player, Miner Tycoon: Big Dynamite is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This game has been released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and has a variety of different features. It’s perfect for all ages and there are many different levels to take on.

Double dynamite

Using the double dynamite in Miner Tycoon is a great way to clear a path for your train to move along. It also adds a risk/reward element to the game. If you can find a place to place the dynamite, it can clear a radius of up to three squares. This can be a very useful tool for teams. It can also be used to produce a lot of resources.

The first dynamite that is placed in the cave will double the amount of points that you will receive. The second dynamite will triple the coins that you will receive. The third dynamite will take away all of the points you will receive from the cave. However, it will also add a five point penalty to the points that you will lose.

If you have a supercharger, you can make the dynamite even more powerful. Using a supercharger increases the pickup speed and range of the dynamite.

Expert Miner card

Getting your hands on an Expert Miner card in Miner Tycoon: Big Dynamite is a rite of passage. Not only does it add dynamite to your slew of cave tiles, it also comes with a free minion card for good measure. With enough dynamite and a good luck streak, you can score big time. As a bonus, the player gets to pick a tile from the prize pool. The minion is a little cheesy but it does the trick.

For more details on the Expert Miner card and its effects, check out the Miner Tycoon: Big Dynamite guide. There’s also a full guide to all of the cards in the game. In addition to the card, the game includes several dynamite tiles, a Wrangler card, a sapper card, and a pawn, to name a few. With some careful planning and a bit of luck, you too can become the next big thing in the mining industry.

Scavenger card

Adding dynamite to a cave adds to your score and adds a risk/reward element to the game. However, dynamite is not the only resource used by Scavengers. Almost all buildings require a significant amount of Steel, Carbon, or Silicon. Before Copper was introduced to the game, Scavengers only used Silicon as the primary building material.

There is a more complex mechanic when it comes to adding dynamite to a cave. The first two dynamite added to a cave count as a double when determining the amount of dynamite in the cave. However, the third dynamite adds a five point penalty. This penalty will increase the cost of the third dynamite and the fourth dynamite. Adding two dynamites to the same cave triples the player’s coins.

There are several other card types that will add dynamite to a cave, including the Guildmaster card, the Sapper card, and the Expert Miner card. While these cards may not always be played on the same cave, they can greatly increase the amount of dynamite in the player’s cave.


Despite the fact that the mining industry has been around for ages, the technique used to mine the precious metals remains the same. Miners used various tools to dig through the ground, including dynamite and explosions.

The main objective of the game is to gain the most money by mining as many resources as possible. To do this, players have to collect the minerals, which are available in the mineral mines. After doing this, players can use dynamite to break through the rocks, and thus, gain access to the mineral mines. In addition, players can also earn money through the different missions. By earning money, players can buy new items. Miner Tycoon: Big Dynamite is an exciting strategic game that offers players a realistic experience of mining.

Miner Tycoon: Big Dynamite features several levels to choose from. In addition, the game offers players a variety of items to choose from, including dynamite, explosives, and various mining implements.

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