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Mini Motor Racing Game Review

February 15, 2023

Mini Motor Racing Game Review

Mini Motor Racing is a game that launched on mobile platforms in 2011, boasting exaggerated vehicle physics, cute levels and a focus on arcade-style controls. It soon found its way onto PC and then consoles.

Now it’s making a comeback on Nintendo Switch as Mini Motor Racing X. Can it bring back those retro vibes and still be fun?


Mini Motor Racing is a fast-paced arcade racer with a ton of content and a reasonable $20 price tag. It’s not exactly a game that will blow you away, but it’s fun and addictive enough to keep you coming back for more.

The Binary Mill and NEXTGENREALITY have brought the zooming little cars to the Nintendo Switch with Mini Motor Racing X. It’s an isometric racer with exaggerated vehicle physics, cute levels and a focus on arcade-style controls.

In career mode, you’ll go through different circuits earning cash rewards that can be used to unlock new cars and upgrade existing ones. In addition, there’s a quick race mode that can be played with up to four players and an arcade mode that includes mini-games like Bumper Ball. There’s even a VR mode for those who want to take the fun on the go!


One of the most impressive things about Mini Motor Racing is its slick graphics. Its Micromachines-esque 3D renders are a sight to behold, and the animation of cars zooming around tracks is a joy to watch.

The game also boasts some surprisingly decent racing physics, with some pretty impressive car control schemes to choose from, as well as a range of vehicles to unlock and compete in. It’s also a top-down driving arcade game, so you’ll have plenty of fun zooming about the tracks in all sorts of weather conditions.

There are a few minor quibbles, but Mini Motor Racing is an impressive top-down driving arcade game that delivers a thrill. It may not be the best of the best, but it’s a lot of fun and is worth a look if you have some free time to kill.


Despite the modern era, there are still plenty of racing games out there that take you back to the simpler times when all you did was drive around a track. One such title is Mini Motor Racing X which, as the name suggests, has you taking your little nitro-fuelled four-wheelers and tearing up some short tracks to collect a few notes and a bit of nitro boost, with a view of smashing opponents’ lap times into oblivion.

The game comes with a huge array of vehicles to choose from, each one having a variety of specs such as acceleration, nitro boost strength and handling. This makes it easy to pick out a vehicle which is perfect for each track on offer.

Career mode

Mini Motor Racing X has an expansive career mode which spans hundreds of races in a variety of environments. Players will complete races in order to unlock new vehicles and upgrade them. These upgrades can improve handling, nitro boosts and acceleration.

The game also includes a variety of other modes, such as Bumper Ball and Micro Motor Racing, which can be played online or locally with friends. They’re not a substitute for the main career mode, but they can provide a few quick rounds when you want a break from racing.

Mini Motor Racing X has a lot to offer and it’s a great title for the Switch. Its mix of racing modes is as good as anything you’ll find on the system.


Mini Motor Racing X brings its popular mobile version to the Nintendo Switch, presenting top-down action on small-sized vehicles. Players can race in both local and online split-screen with up to four players on a single console.

Using the same remote-control toy cars that made Micro Machines such a hit back in 2011, Mini Motor Racing offers a fun experience with exaggerated vehicle physics and cute levels. The game is a great addition to the thriving arcade racing genre on Nintendo Switch, but it has some issues that need to be addressed in order to really shine.

A new mode, called Type X, throws weapons into the mix and allows players to cause chaos on track. However, the execution of this mode is incredibly rough.

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