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Monument Valley 2 Game Review

February 12, 2023

Monument Valley 2 Game Review

Monument Valley 2 is a stunningly beautiful game that combines impossible geometry with luscious pastel worlds and a mesmerizing soundtrack. It’s also one of the most peaceful and relaxing puzzlers on mobile.

Monument Valley 2 takes the concept of the original game and freshens up its mechanics while introducing a new story with two protagonists. The end result is a meditative exploration of a tense and touching relationship between a mother and her daughter.


In Monument Valley 2, you guide a mother and her child through an architectural world filled with illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles. Discover the secrets of Sacred Geometry in a meditative and relaxing puzzle game that will transport you to a surreal and magical realm.

Ustwo Games’ isometric puzzler is known for its mind-bending optical illusions, but in this sequel they take it a step further. Using similar pastel colors, the levels now incorporate a more varied palette.

It’s also been expanded, with more characters and chapters to complete. The storyline also has a deeper focus on human interactions and emotional response.

Ustwo Games’ isometric puzzler is brimming with optical illusions and hidden solutions, each as satisfying as the last. But the plot can sometimes feel a little like an illusion, too.


Monument Valley 2’s art and animations are stunning. The game features gorgeous pastel-shaded buildings and vistas that players have to manipulate to progress Ro and her daughter through each level.

In some cases, rotating or swiping the buildings changes their perspective and creates new walkways and routes to reach the exit. The levels are influenced by MC Escher’s surrealist paintings, but the game’s designers have added their own twists.

Ustwo Games is a bigger studio than when the first Monument Valley hit the App Store four years ago and it shows in this sequel. The team has grown and evolved its approach to mobile gaming, but it’s also remained true to the core values of the original.

The game includes a number of special effects, including the ability to turn an object sideways and open a portal that can transport you to another place. Some of these are very impressive, but others can be a little frustrating to get your head around.


Ustwo Games’ original Monument Valley was an instant hit when it released in 2014, and the surprise sequel is just as impressive. It’s a masterful combination of striking visuals and intricate architectural puzzles.

There are also moments of storytelling that will have players feeling deeply moved. Ro’s relationship with her daughter is central to the game, and their tale covers classic themes of parents learning to let go and children learning to stand on their own.

This is all told beautifully through a soundtrack that is just as immersive and eye-catching as the game itself. Sound artist Todd Baker shares how he managed to create this equally beautiful audio experience, and reveals some secrets about his success as a game audio freelancer.

There are many different sounds and environments to be heard in Monument Valley 2, but the soundtrack is the most encompassing of any that I’ve encountered so far. It works hard to complement the world, creating a very pretty and thought provoking experience that is best experienced with headphones on.


Monument Valley 2 is a sequel to Ustwo Games’ 2014 puzzle game that has a similar aesthetic and play style to the original. The game focuses on a mother and her daughter as they navigate a land of optical illusions.

Like the original, Monument Valley 2 has a number of different puzzles that can be difficult to solve at times. This is because there are a lot of interactable blocks that can be moved or removed by a player.

Luckily, the game’s intelligent level design makes it easy to solve most of the puzzles without having to think too hard about it. There will be a few occasions where you may need to backtrack, but those problems are very rare.

Monument Valley 2 is a relaxing puzzle game that uses optical illusions to transport players into a world of enchanting environments. Its ethereal soundtrack and mind-bending puzzles will keep players coming back for more.

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