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My Talking Tom Friends Review

February 12, 2023

My Talking Tom Friends Review

Talking Tom Friends may not be the first game you’d pick to play if you’re looking for something new, but it’s a charming Sims-lite that’ll keep you entertained for hours on end.

There are tons of cute talking pets to collect in Talking Tom Friends, and they’ll have you wanting to make them happy as soon as you adopt them. Outfit7 has done a great job of making these characters feel like friends, rather than just digital pets.

Lunar New Year

In Asia, the Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays – an occasion when millions of people go back home to celebrate with their family. It’s a time to enjoy life, share stories, and feast.

The celebration begins a month before the onset of spring and is one of the longest festivals in the world. There are many traditions to observe, including shopping for holiday sundries in open-air markets and cleaning the house to sweep away any bad luck that may have occurred during the previous year.

It’s also customary for younger members of the family to receive bright red envelopes filled with money (known as hong bao in Mandarin, lai see in Cantonese or lixi in Vietnamese), which is believed to bring good fortune.

Talking Tom & Friends have special challenges, activities, and in-game rewards to help players ring in the Lunar New Year this year. Click on the links below to learn more about this important holiday, which happens this year on Sunday, January 22, 2023.

Hank’s Cooking Challenge

Hank is in a competition to win a trip to Las Vegas with her mom to cook for a celebrity. Tom and Ginger try to help her prepare for the competition, but Angela says that she isn’t taking it seriously.

Hank’s Cooking Challenge is a Season 2 episode of My Talking Tom Friends. It features Hank and her mother, Pittaluga, who run a small restaurant in Sea Isle City called Hank’s Grill.

It also features a lot of fun interactions between the characters, including the appearance of their friend Angela.

Hank decides to make a new food item, the Taco Spaghetti Burger, and the gang becomes fascinated with it. But soon, they start thinking it was a little weird and the Taco Spaghetti Burger starts to lose its novelty.

Tom’s Shadow

The shadow that Tom sees on the ground when he walks is not just his own shadow. It’s the shadow of a ghost that appears to him and is a reminder of Alice.

This ghost is very important to Tom, because it has made him a powerful hunter of the dark. He has beaten Lukrasta, Shaiska assassins and several Kobalos high mages in pure martial combat.

Tom has a special ability that gives him the ability to smell death on a person, making him very sensitive to supernatural elements. This ability was passed down from his mother.

Talking Tom Friends is a fast-paced adventure game in which you help Tom run and defeat enemy gang members and save his friends. The game features many exciting worlds for you to explore, including cities, jungles, deserts and snow-capped mountains.

Collect coins and power-ups to advance through the levels and rescue Tom’s friends. You can also collect gravity-defying boosters such as jetpacks, gliders and springs to help you climb and glide through the different environments.

Angela’s Day Off

Angela’s Day Off is the first episode of Season 4. It aired on TLC on Sunday at 8:00 pm.

Tom and Angela decide to spend a day off from work so they can spend some quality time together. But when they find that their apartment has been broken into, they are panicked. They go through her diary, email and phone to try and find the culprit.

Eventually, they discover that she is being pursued by a music video artist named Ricky Deluna. When Angela finds out the truth, she starts getting angry with Tom and tells him she wants to spend some time alone. But Angela’s anger is not enough to prevent her from going on a date with Ricky. In the end, she ends up choosing her career over her friendship.

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