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Rocket League Sideswipe on iPhone

February 12, 2023
Rocket League Sideswipe on iPhone

Sideswipe is the official mobile adaptation of the popular console and PC game Rocket League. Developed by Psyonix, the 2D version retains many of the same elements that make the original so much fun.

The biggest difference is that the perspective is shifted to a 2D side view rather than the classic 3D third-person. This helps players to see more of the arena and track their opponents better.


Rocket League Sideswipe is a standalone version of Psyonix’s popular car soccer hybrid, with matches reduced to two minutes and designed around intuitive touch controls. It might not be the same as the fully-fledged PC and console versions, but it’s still a fun experience that’s just right for mobile play.

It’s also a great reminder of the zany and hilarious moments that have always made Rocket League so much fun to play. There’s that slapstick joy to it as cars clumsily try to kick around a giant ball.

It’s easy to pick up and play, with Private Matches and Competitive Matches available both offline and online with players from all over the world. Get into the action in ranked mode and climb up to the top of the leaderboards! Unlock even more items by playing Online Matches with the free Rocket Pass.


Rocket League Sideswipe is an official mobile adaptation of Psyonix’s popular vehicular soccer game. It plays a lot like its console and PC counterparts, but it uses a simplified view that better suits mobile devices.

The controls in Rocket League Sideswipe are simple but effective, with players controlling their cars through on-screen buttons. They can swipe left or right on the screen to move their vehicle, and there are also two buttons that let them jump and boost.

Rocket League Sideswipe is available for download on iOS and Android today. It offers multiplayer car football games, with 1v1 or 2v2 matches in thrilling 2-minute battles. It also features private matches, ranked competitive play and a Rocket Pass to unlock exciting Rocket-Powered cars and items!


The Rocket League franchise is entering the mobile space with Sideswipe on iPhone, an exclusive title built on touch controls. Like its console and PC counterpart, Sideswipe offers a lot of different mechanics to make it a tense, competitive experience.

There’s even ranked play! In order to rank up, you need to be able to master all the different ways to score goals and beat your opponents.

One of the most popular shooting mechanics in Rocket League is the Double Jump / Flip. In Sideswipe, you can do it a lot easier because the game is more lenient with landing.


If you want to play Rocket League Sideswipe on your iphone, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements.

If your device is not capable of running the game, you may encounter the “Device isn’t Compatible” error. This will stop you from downloading the game and playing it.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this issue and get past the error. If you want to try it out, we recommend installing an Android emulator on your PC. You can try out Nox Player for this purpose. After that, you will need to install an optimized version of Rocket League Sideswipe.


Sideswipe nails the feel of Rocket League that made it such a successful F2P title for over six years. It’s still about learning the tricks of a flying car, anticipating the physics, and making huge plays come through.

It doesn’t have the full-frontal, teeth-crunching collisions that make the original so exhilarating, but it still manages to capture those thrills. Streamlined and scaled down for mobile play, it’s a fantastic game that’s easy to pick up and hard to master.

There are three modes to choose from in Sideswipe, including one-on-one and two-on-two matches. There’s also Hoops, which combines Rocket League’s soccer mode with basketball, and a practice mode for beginners.

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