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Tasty Planet on iPhone

February 12, 2023

Tasty Planet on iPhone

If you are looking for a fun game on your iphone then Tasty Planet is a good option. It is a 2D Katamari Damacy style game where you control a sentient grey goo that grows bigger when it eats objects around it.

The game has over 60 levels and hundreds of edible items. The game is free to download and play.


A local Vancouver husband and wife team, Dingo Games, has released a top-down iPhone game called Tasty Planet. In it, players control a tiny ball of grey goo which grows larger as it eats smaller objects.

This game was originally created for PC and Mac, but has been ported to the iOS platform. It features comics between levels, four different controls (defaulting to tilt), and a variety of play options.

As you progress through the 60 levels, the goo progressively becomes larger and can start eating everything from small mice to entire buildings, asteroids, planets, stars, a black hole, and even space itself! This is a pretty great example of a precision avoidance game that manages to be both fun and addictive.


Developed by local Vancouver husband and wife team Dingo Games, Tasty Planet on iPhone is a fun little game that will keep you busy for a good few minutes. Controlling a tiny ball of grey goo that grows as it eats, you’ll travel around 60 levels munching your way through various edible objects and creatures.

Tasty Planet on iPhone offers a variety of input methods, including the virtual joystick, tilt and a dash button to name a few. It can be a bit of a chore to navigate the first few levels, but once you get the hang of it, the game will become addictive in its own right. The controls and the game itself are simple and easy to grasp, so even kids can enjoy it.


Tasty Planet is an iPhone game a la XBox that will have you squealing with delight as you navigate your way through 60 levels of fun. It’s a puzzle and arcade hybrid that’s sure to satisfy the gummy bear cravings of anyone who has a sweet tooth for gaming. The gameplay is a bit finicky at first, but you’ll soon find yourself tapping away like the proverbial maniac. The main draw is the nifty little number pad at the bottom of your screen, which can be used to navigate the levels and unlock the requisite boosters. There’s also a level editor to help you save your best scores.

A newcomer to the iPhone juggernauts, Dingo Games have delivered a solid and snazzy title with enough oomph to get the blood pumping. You can play as a single player, a cooperative duo or in a sandbox where the rules are your own. This is one of the most fun and challenging games I’ve ever played on the mobile platform.


A local Vancouver couple, Dingo Games, are behind this quirky arcade puzzler. Tasty Planet lets players control a tiny ball of grey goo that eats anything smaller than itself.

The more that the goo eats, the bigger it gets. Soon it can eat bacteria, bugs, fish, mice, cars, houses, planets and galaxies.

It is a fun, fast and strangely addictive game. It will be familiar to fans of Katamari Damacy and PopCap’s Feeding Frenzy.

Graphics are quite crude, with the action seen from a top-down perspective. There are a few bugs to deal with, but the concept is simple enough to hold interest.


Tasty Planet on iPhone has a fun soundtrack that will get you in the mood for eating. It includes sounds like the cries of a cat, the crash of an object or the scream of a person when they are eaten.

The game revolves around a sentient grey goo that is meant to eat bacteria in a bathroom. However, a little miscalculation leads to it going rogue and eating everything in its path.

Play as a tiny ball of grey goo that can eat anything smaller than itself, and as it eats it grows bigger and bigger. The game takes you to different worlds, and you can eat anything from rats to dinosaurs. And it’s even possible to eat a time machine and travel through six different time periods.

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