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N-Back Trainer – Enhance Your Working Memory and Concentration

February 20, 2023

N-Back Trainer – Enhance Your Working Memory and Concentration

The N-Back Trainer is a high-intensity, challenging, and exhausting brain game that has been proven to boost working memory capacity (WMC) and intelligence. It’s also been shown to improve executive control/emotion regulation, which can help you better manage your emotions.

The dual n-back task requires updating information in both your visual and verbal short term memory stores simultaneously. It’s an extremely challenging cognitive challenge that has been studied in scores of scientific studies, and it is believed to have a significant positive effect on your IQ.

Improved Focus

N-Back Trainer helps you improve your working memory and concentration by training your brain to divide central resources into two parts to process the flow of information. This skill, known as “chunking,” has been proven to be especially important in the dual n-back task.

This is because n-back tasks are continuous-recognition measures, meaning that they present stimulus sequences that require participants to judge whether the current stimuli are identical to ones presented n items ago. N-back training has been shown to improve memory and concentration in healthy adults, with a variety of investigations supporting both near transfer (i.e., enhanced performance on tasks assessing recognition memory, immediate recall, and complex working memory abilities) and far transfer (i.e., generalized performance to cognitive domains beyond working memory) effects [41,42].

However, a recent study has found that dual n-back training does not improve fluid intelligence and processing speed in healthy adults. As a result, further research is necessary to determine if other forms of training can be beneficial and what factors impact training-related benefits should they occur.

Boosted Memory

Working memory is a crucial part of learning and general intelligence. It’s also important for mental arithmetic and following instructions.

A recent study showed that a brain-training exercise called “dual n-back” was far more effective at improving memory and concentration than another type of training. It also produced more significant changes in the activity of the brain.

The dual n-back strategy is a popular way to train your brain. However, it can be dangerous if you use it incorrectly.

This is why it’s important to focus on core training exercises. Using a rehearsal strategy can help you get better at your dual n-back games and transfer these skills to other tasks that require similar abilities.

Increased Willpower

N-Back Trainer is an app that challenges players to remember sequences of stimuli, progressively increasing in difficulty with the number of sequences they must recall. This requires them to remember multiple pieces of information from different stimuli, including audio and visual, simultaneously.

While it may not be the most fun thing in the world, playing N-Back Trainer can have real benefits for your cognitive abilities and willpower. It’s also a good way to improve your IQ, which is linked to higher academic achievement and professional success.

Researchers have found that dual n-back working memory training increases both spatial and relational working memory. This type of training has been shown to increase performance on untrained working memory tasks and can improve fluid intelligence (i.e., IQ).

Reduced Stress

Dual n-back is a great way to train your brain to increase your working memory and concentration. This task requires you to keep track of two information streams in a variety of formats, which helps improve your attentional control and memory for both personal events (episodic memories) and everyday tasks.

The task also utilises the “Central Executive”, an “executive function” that regulates the flow of information into your visual and verbal short term stores, and inhibits irrelevant items in order to focus on the most relevant bits.

This is an energy-consuming and effortful process, which stimulates the hormesis response, ‘upregulation’ of vitagenes and other brain chemicals. You’ll also notice a spike in your REM sleep cycles following your training sessions, which is a natural brain chemical that enhances cognitive function and learning.

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