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Papa’s Pastaria To Go Game Review

January 17, 2023

Papa’s Pastaria To Go Game Review

If you’ve been a fan of the classic Mario games, you might be interested in checking out a new game called Papa’s Pastaria To Go. This platformer has just been released on iOS and Android. The developers have worked hard to make the experience an enjoyable one, and it’s worth a look. Ultimately, there are some snags and a few things that could use work, but overall, it’s a solid choice for fans of the Mario series.

About the game

Papa’s Pastaria To Go is a game that involves running a restaurant. It is the fourteenth game of the popular Papa’s series. You are taking over a restaurant from Doan, who brings with him his own workers. There are a variety of customers, each with different orders.

The game has several modes and special features. For example, you can customize your staff. This includes your employees’ appearances, their outfits, and their hair bands.

You can also decorate the Pastaria Lobby for each holiday. In addition, you can unlock new items, including a variety of clothing, sauces, and toppings.

You can also earn rewards for serving different kinds of food. For example, customers may be looking for a toasted breadstick, or a pasta dish with a special sauce. You can also create a special recipe, which you can submit to the Pastaria community for a chance to win a prize.

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