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Pirates Outlaws Review

March 1, 2023
Pirates Outlaws Review

Pirates Outlaws is a new roguelike CCG that’s aiming to emulate Slay the Spire on mobile. It’s a solid enough offering at an affordable price, but it doesn’t really do much to stand out from its competitors.

The game starts off simple, with you exploring the world, fighting swarms of piracy, and picking up new cards as you go. You’ll also encounter random events, from battles to taverns and shops.


Pirates Outlaws is a card-based roguelike that’s easy to pick up and play. It’s also a lot of fun, and it offers a good mix of characters, strategies, and deck building depth.

There are plenty of cards to unlock in the game, and each hero has a unique skill build that you can use. You’ll start with a Gunner, who uses pistols and ranged attacks, but soon you can unlock a Sword Master, who goes for the more melee-heavy approach.

Combat in Pirates Outlaws is a simple drag-and-drop affair, with each card being an ability; offensive, defensive, melee or ranged, armour boosts, buffs, and debuffs. The combat is fast and easy to learn, and the variety helps prevent players from getting too discouraged.

The gameplay loop revolves around building up gold and reputation points, which you can use to unlock new character perks, card sets, and areas to explore. Each of these can lead to a variety of challenges, such as finding hidden treasure or gambling your permanent health in the hope of acquiring an extra item.


Pirates Outlaws offers a simple and charming 2-dimensional art style that complements its pirate-esque theme. The visuals are made out of colors that create shadows and depth, accompanied by fun pirates-esque fonts.

In the game, players are tasked with sailing to glory in a pirate-themed world. They hone their skills through repeated play to unlock new content and climb the ranks of pirates.

The graphics in Pirates Outlaws are impressive for a mobile game. They are not perfect, though. The animations are scant at best, and the limbs of enemies wobble about but do not move.

Its quick and breezy gameplay allows it to fit into the roguelike niche, as players can hop from island to island without spending too much time on any particular encounter. This makes the title more accessible than some other roguelikes, but it also means that long-term play is difficult to sustain.


The soundtrack in Pirates Outlaws is not only pleasant and entertaining but also a key factor of the game’s ambiance. Its symphonic sound brings to life the piratey theme of the game and gives it a powerful touch.

The music in Pirates Outlaws was created by a group of musicians who were inspired by a book called “The Outlaw Ocean”. These narrators have paired their talents with words to create some beautiful and mesmerizing music that perfectly complements the theme of this game.

Pirates Outlaws is a fast-paced roguelike card game where players need to build an impressive deck in order to survive long enough to advance to the top of the pirate ranks. Its gameplay is inspired by Slay the Spire and keeps its battles as quick and breezy as possible while retaining a lot of depth for veterans of the genre.

The game offers a wide variety of characters to choose from and is fairly easy to pick up and play. It also has a lot of different strategies to choose from and plenty of depth for players who enjoy deck-building.


Pirates Outlaws is a deckbuilding roguelike where players choose a character and sail through a procedurally generated map, gathering cards and items along the way. Each voyage has combat encounters, random events that contain treasure or curses, and shops where players can buy new cards or additional resources.

Each of the three worlds – pirates bay, skulls island and souls rift – has its own unique challenges and difficulty. Completing a voyage will unlock new cards and abilities for future runs, and earning Repute is essential to unlock new characters, maps and bonus items.

As with all roguelikes, a playthrough of Pirates Outlaws is a grind to complete, but the game’s card-based strategy and simple control scheme ensure that it doesn’t feel like a chore. Rather, the variety of enemy types and the possibility of picking up random relics help keep every run fresh.

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