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Pixel Dungeon Review

December 24, 2022

Pixel Dungeon Review

Pixel Dungeon is a really cool dungeon-themed game. It features a really fun adventure theme with plenty of puzzles, enchantments, and randomization. There are also some nice features like mods and NPCs that make the experience even better.


Pixel Dungeon is a roguelike game that has pixel art graphics and an intuitive control system. It features four playable characters, including a thief, mage, warrior and huntress. They must explore a dungeon filled with traps, monsters and other hazards in order to get the Amulet of Yendor.

The game uses an open source engine, so players can tinker with the game and make changes to the code. Some of the changes include new enemies, a new class, and rebalancing. There are also monthly updates to the game.

Pixel Dungeon offers players a long and challenging journey. In order to survive, they must find weapons and armor that will be effective against the dungeon’s enemies. Their weapons determine how much damage they deal in battle.

The game features a range of randomized enemies and levels. Players can choose from over 150 items to help them advance through the dungeon.


Enchantments are a great way to give your gear a boost. A scroll of enchantment is a magical item that can be used on melee weapons to add an enchantment to the weapon. It can also be used to change an existing glyph.

The Daily Enchanting Table has been improved to properly reset between days. Pristine and Compact have also been altered to no longer conflict with each other.

There are many different items and artifacts to collect in Pixel Dungeon. Some of the most popular are:

A new rare enchantment called Corrupting was added. This enchantment gives a chance to corrupt an enemy when it dies.

Another enchantment, the Triple-Strike, was also added. As the name implies, this enchantment increases your damage on each attack. You will get a 25% chance to stun an enemy instead of crippling them.


If you are into your roguelikes, you probably have already heard of Pixel Dungeon. It is an old school RPG with a modern day twist. Featuring a story line involving a random adventurer looking for the Amulet of Yendor, you get to fight some impressive enemies along the way. The game also has some nifty perks like randomly generated dungeons, a bag of the best that is, and the usual teleportation, teleportation, teleportation if you prefer.

A randomized dungeon isn’t a new concept, but the developers of the popular sandbox have taken it to the next level with the release of Shattered Pixel Dungeon. Originally a mod for the original, it now stands on its own. This open source title boasts hundreds of items, dozens of dungeons, and is regularly updated with new content.


There are several types of NPCs to choose from. Some serve a specific purpose while others just make your life interesting. You may have to do a little legwork to find the best ones. However, it’s easy to see why the game is one of the most popular Roguelikes on mobile platforms.

Aside from the usual suspects, the Pixel Dungeon’s biggest draw is its charming pixel-art graphics and top-down perspective. Along the way, players encounter various monsters and dangers. Various quests are also available, allowing players to earn rewards for their hard work. The main quest is straightforward enough, but there are several optional sidequests to complete before you reach the endgame.

Pixel Dungeon is a roguelike in the truest sense. Its eponymous protagonist is a randomly generated adventurer on a quest to acquire the Amulet of Yendor. With 25 levels to explore, the player has plenty of room to explore and hone their skills.


Various developers have worked on mods of Pixel Dungeon, a roguelike RPG for Android. Currently, there are over 75 mods, many of which are in active development. Some are legitimate and others are not.

The first group of mods contains mods that are fully functional, though not yet translated to English. These include the Original Pixel Dungeon and Sprouted PD. They also include the Unleashed Pixel Dungeon: Goblins PD and Yet Another Pixel Dungeon: No Name Yet PD.

The second group of mods contains several problematic ones. The creator of one of these mods isn’t the owner of the intellectual property he or she created, and therefore may have violated the GNU GPL v.3 license without a malicious intention. Other common problems found in these mods include hate speech and inappropriate features.

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