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Pocket Rogues: Ultimate Game Review

January 13, 2023

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate Game Review

Pocket Rogues: Ultimate is a game that is going to keep you entertained for a long time. It has amazing graphics, great storyline, and a lot of interesting rules to play with. If you like games that involve you playing against other people, you should definitely check it out.


If you are a fan of RPG or roguelike games, Pocket Rogues: Ultimate might be the perfect choice for you. It offers great graphics and an exciting gameplay.

In Pocket Rogues: Ultimate, you have the chance to explore dark dungeons and fight monsters. You also have the opportunity to develop your fortress. As you build towers and discover new heroes, you can upgrade your character’s strength.

With its classical graphic style, Pocket Rogues: Ultimate reminds you of the classic role-playing games of the past. The game also features a unique soundtrack that enhances the overall atmosphere of the game.

Players can also try their luck on the Time Trial. This challenge is very challenging. And if they lose, they have to restart from the beginning. So it’s important to pay attention to your actions. Also, don’t forget to recharge your energy.

The game has two main currencies. One is gold, which you can use to buy items. Another is crystals. Crystals will allow you to purchase companions in the menagerie.


For the gamer looking to test their mettle, Pocket Rogues is a definite must have. This roguelite is a fun and challenging action game that has a lot of unique features. It includes randomized locations, real time battles, and a whole host of other dungeon-like features.

While you’re busy getting ready to fight the monsters, you can also take advantage of the many loots available to you. In fact, there are several classes of heroes to choose from, each with its own unique specializations. Plus, the loot isn’t just any old stuff. You’ll get items with unique properties like a nifty sonic weapon.

One of the most impressive parts of this roguelike is the amount of danger it presents. In the event that you aren’t quick enough to dodge or counterattack, you could very well be killed. The game compensates for this by allowing you to use skills that can restore your energy. Also, you can use the same skill multiple times during a match.


If you’re a fan of dungeon crawlers, you should try Pocket Rogues: Ultimate. It has great graphics and unique locations. You’ll meet a variety of unique monsters and collect valuable items. Plus, it’s free to play.

A dungeon crawler is a game where players fight evil monsters and explore dark dungeons. In some dungeons, there’s also a lot of treasure. But to survive, you need to make smart decisions.

The ultimate hero is a combination of a wide range of skills, including a good memory, high dexterity, and a healthy dose of creativity. As you level up, you’ll also gain new skills and equipment.

While you’re in the dungeon, you can also use your skills to upgrade your fortress, create weapons, and battle other players in an arena. This is a great way to earn money and get a head start on your next run.

Getting the most out of your experience requires you to keep track of your MP and make smart decisions. When you’re in combat, you’ll have to consider the target size, your skill’s effectiveness, and how quickly your character can recover.


Pocket Rogues: Ultimate is an ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) that focuses on legendary dungeons filled with huge treasures. This game takes a unique approach to the popular genre and incorporates unusual mechanics.

In addition to its traditional RPG elements, this game also features a random roguelike system. As the player moves through the game’s dungeons, they will find a variety of objects, monsters, and bosses. These characters can be upgraded and armed with new skills. However, these skills will cost MP (Monster Points), and players will have to keep track of how many MP they have to avoid running out.

During the game’s real-time battles, players must carefully consider their attacks and the size of their targets. The resulting damage will affect the player’s character stats. Additionally, it’s essential to keep track of the amount of damage to smaller monsters.

Unlike other games, Pocket Rogues uses top-down views, giving it a distinct visual style. This helps players identify the protagonist, and also changes how the character moves in the game.

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